How to make Epson printer stop requiring color ink????


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How to make Epson printer stop requiring color ink????

I am helping a relative with some computer issues and they have an Epson Workforce 520 printer. They only print in grayscale and don't need color ink. But two of the color cart. are low and the printer is saying they have to be replaced. Even with the printer pref. set to print in grayscale. I talked to there tech support, for what that was worth, and they told me that you could only temporarily get around the color cartridge issue buy changing the pref. and that after about 40 pages it would stop again.

I am saying that there has to be a fix to get around such a stupid marketing gimmick. Can any of you help me out with this. I don't live anywhere near this person so I need a permanent fix for being able to print in grayscale short of ditching this printer, which it may come too. Thanks
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I personally don't believe what Epson told you I would think that you should be able to go to Printers and then right click on the printer and then go to preferences. After you do that try to find something that says print in black and white only and then click apply. That is the way it should work at least but may not be the way Epson wants it. Printers for the most part are controlled by the printer manufacturers software and there isn't a whole lot you can do to change how that printer works.

I have a Lexmark printer and when I go to preferences the Lexmark software pops up because that is what controls the printer. Lexmark though I personally think is a good brand they have two very large print cartridges and a way to temporarily print a web page in black and white only. With Internet Explorer and Firefox the Lexmark software installs a tool bar at the top of the page so among other things you can temporarily disable the color print head you just click on black and white at the Lexmark tool bar and it does the rest. Could be that the software has changed though I don't know I have a Lexmark Z1420 that I bought new several years ago.

If you want wireless too though the Z1420 from Lexmark will not make the grade unless you use the desktop as a print server. Otherwise it is fine and works well for all of my printing needs. You can still find the Z1420 at refurbished.
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A suggestion would be to purchase lower priced refurbished cartridges or to buy an inexpensive laser printer.
The cost per page from a laser printer is a fraction of what it costs to operate an ink jet printer.
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Buy a refill kit with an auto-reset chip and fill the color ink wells with water. For an extra $20 or so, buy the ink for the kit and refill them. I did this for years on my old Epson with no problems.
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re: to hedgeclipper

thanks for the effort but I have already tried that. changing the preferences works but Epson says it will only work for a limited amount of time. he doesn't print a lot so I was trying to avoid getting a different printer. thanks
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I bought an Epson but the cost of OEM ink cartridges and failure to recognize generic cartridges soon sent me looking for a black and white laser printer. I found a new in the box last years model Samsung for about the same cost as a full set of OEM cartridges for the Epson. Four years later the starter cartridge (which usually aren't full) finally is about out of its toner. Just bought a toner refill kit for $7 which should get me another four or five years of printing if the refill works.

If you seldom need color copies a black and white laser printer is a good buy. The things you occasionally need in color you can copy to a thumb drive and take to a copy shop for printing.

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