"Unsubscribe" theories?


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"Unsubscribe" theories?

I've heard two schools of thought regarding junk mail/ad's that I get at work all the time:

1.) Unsubscribe
2.) Never "unsubscribe" because that shows the sender that the address is legit, and I'll be hounded even more... Supposedly, if you ignore these type of e-mails long enough, the sender gives up. (But I find that hard to believe.)

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The only time I ever unsubscribe is when it's something I originally signed up for such as news letters or updates of some sort. Or if I actually registered on a site and now no longer use it...and they keep begging me to come back. Classmates is a prime example.

Random spam, I never respond in any way.
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I agree with Vic. If it's from a company that I ordered from or have an account with, I'll unsubscribe. Most of them are trustworthy and honor the unsubscribe since they want to keep you as a customer. (plus, I'm not ordering from un-trustworthy companies).

But any random-type email, I just delete or mark as spam.
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Your #2 is partially incorrect. While unsubscribing or reacting in some way to spam may increase its volume, by no means does it "confirm" the address... that is an automatic service by mail providers. Spammers will automatically know if the address is legit, but they can never tell what you're doing with the mail, only that you have received it.
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Well in my own opinion number 2 on your list Louuuuu may or may not be correct but even if Nick D is correct and I assume he is I think doing an unsubscribe just encourages them to send out more spam if they are spammers. Spammers too usually but not always have some kind of illegal scheme involved and once you click on a link provided in the e-mail you can subject yourself to viruses on your computer and other malware that can literally take over your computer. So only open and unsubscribe from companies you trust and you should be fine.
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I'm hip.

Thanks for all the input.

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