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i recently upgraded my computer. 1 problem, new computer only has 64 RAM, old has 128. i opened up the old one and expected to see 2 things for the memory, but there was only 1. i'm assumeing the new one also only has 1. my question is even with each being 1 piece, can 1 be 128ram and the other 64? or are all memory boards the same amount. also it looks pretty easy to change the memory cards, is there any i have to do special? thanks for any help you can give.
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i just added 128ram in my machine. it only had a 64ram
they all have to be the same.
128 is all you really need. approx 90$ for 128 ram. if you have 64ram just buy another 64ram.the largest card you can get is 256ram.final answer they all have to be the same.
when you put the card in make sure you know what you need.
simms or dimms. they do snap in hard sometimes. but you should be able to do it no problem.
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WHOAA, not so fast. RAM memory is not all the same. The frequency must match and can be 66, 100, or 133 MHz, the RAM chip could be ECC or non-ECC. The new computer could have 1, 2, or 3 slots. You need to look at your owner's manual to determine the correct RAM to buy.
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rkayassoc is correct. 72 pin simms did have to be put in matching pairs. But that does appear to be what you have. You have dimms. My advice is to all memory cards be of the same bus rating like PC 66, PC 100, etc. Some motherboards will accept a pc 100 and run it at 66 bus speedd, and some motherboards that are pc 66 will not accept a pc 100 momory card. Using the memory cards are downward compatable , but not in all cases. It depends on your motherboard. But if you are using pc100 memory, stick with pc100 memory. You can have a 128 meg strip and a 64 meg strip in the same computer. Only if a computer is using simms you must have a matching pair and only works in pairs, even with simms depending on the board there could be 4 simms slots, arranged to be used in pairs, and the 2nd pair doesn't have to the same meg size as the first, but should be of same type (ie 10ns, ...,etc.) You cannot however on most boards mix simms and dimms together, you either use simms or you use dimms. Look at at your motherboard manual to determine which types of memory it can handle.
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And check out http://www.Pricewatch.com for prices on ram pc-133 128 MB going for 49.99-59.99.

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i just upgraded

Thanks for all the replys. I'm thinking I didn't may myself totally clear. What I need to know, can i just switch memory cards. Both computers are Compaq Presario's. the older one has a 128 memory card, the new one has a 64 memory card. Can I just switch the cards? Sorry for not being clear in the first post.
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