how do you know when you need a new cd rom?


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Our computer is about 3 years old. It is windows 95. The place that we have purchased it from is out of business, so I need some assistance. When we push the button to open the place where you put in your cd, it will not open or if the cd's inserted you have to force it opened. Sometimes it will not read the cd. We just purchased the game the Sim's and it will not let us install it. Please help.
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Chances are that the CD reader is badly in need of cleaning. Or your tray motor may be burned out (or both). However, the cost of a new one may only be $50 more than the cost of having it cleaned. If it were me, I'd open up the case, remove the screws that hold the cd drive to the frame, remove the cables attached to it (write down where they go and which way is up!) and then buy another one to go in it's place. It should fit in the same slot as the old one. And if you work in a dusty or dirty area, I'd figure out a way to keep the dust from getting to it.
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What speed is it ? If the lens is dirty it could cause the cd read to be intermittent. Anything less than 12x or even 16x, may have trouble reading certain types of cd's especially computer burned ones. 3 years in computer years is an enternity as far as computer advancement goes. The cost of labour alone for a repair would pay for a new one.
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Question Cleaning the CD Reader

One of the messages indicated that a CD Reader was in need of cleaning. How do I clean my CD Reader?


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Re: Cleaning the CD Reader

You can get special cleaning disks for cd roms that you can buy. I never recomend cleaning tapes for vcr's but for a cd rom is should be ok.

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