Can't find motherboard info


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I am wanting to upgrade my processor but I can't find motherboard specs.
I have a PSC (Pacific Semiconductor Corp.) 35-8808-02.
It is a PII-266.
Spent the evening searching without sucess.
Anyone ever heard of this board?

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From the fact that it is a PII 266 tells us its a slot 1 motherboard.. probably an LX.

Are there any other #'s on the board? What kind of chipset is on it? Look for a black square chip (probably the biggest one) on the motherboard and reply with the name and #'s on it. Also look for an FCC #.

And look at screen when it first boots on, see if it shows type and write down the bios #'s.

If its an LX then best you could go is a PII 333. Which isnt worth it.

Your probably gonna have to replace the motherboard to get a decent processor upgrade.
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Smile Update

I have located the motherboard info on my vendors site.
PSC turns out to be an Intel board. I now have to sort out my particular model. The date code on my bios doesn't match the specs and I have to figure out whether I have 1 mbits or 2mbits of flash IC.



It is an Intel 440BX, board model BXA808D.
There are two board models that match mine both with different date codes.
One lists 1 mbits flash IC size and supports DMI function, the other shows 2 mbits flash IC size and supports DMI and ACPI function.
Not sure what this means.


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That BXA808D sounds like an identifier code or something? Where did you locate that number. A model # should be something like sr440bx or se440bx something with 2 letters before the bx.

If you can provide the url to intels site for your motherboard.


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