Kindle Fire HD won't connect to public wifi


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Kindle Fire HD won't connect to public wifi

My mother recently got a Kindle Fire HD to use when she's at the doctor's office. The hospital has public wifi access throughout it and I can access the internet just fine with my laptop however her Kindle will not connect. When I go to "wireless" and click on the hotspot's name it will say "Authenticating..." and after a few seconds it will say "Authentication failed..." and I can't go to any web pages.

This particular wireless hotspot has a "terms and conditions" page that comes up after you first connect to the network and navigate to a web page. You must hit "accept" in order to begin browsing the internet. The network itself is open with no security.

Any idea what the problem is? Everything I've seen suggests resetting the router but I can't exactly do that since it's not my network. The Kindle works fine on my home network so it doesn't make any sense why it won't work on an open public network.
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I don't have a Kindle fire but I have been thinking of getting one. I am not exactly sure of the problem but I think I have a good idea after reading a blog that a Kindle Fire owner set up. It seems that, at least to this one persons unverified conclusions, that the wifi chip that is in the Kindle Fire may be out of date and not able to handle wireless N.

Which is probably what the hospital uses as N is faster and more reliable than B Or G. Here is the link to the blog Securitas Dato: Wi-Fi and the Kindle . Also here is where I found more information on Amazon.coms forum Customer Discussions: Kindle Fire won't connect to wi-fi..."complete setup later" . On that page I saw someone mentioning a page that has set up to help people set up their wifi for the Kindle Fire.

I also suggest you do a chat session with someone at and asking them how to set the Kindle Fire up in a hospital situation. Be sure to mention Wireless N it could be that is doesn't matter what setting the hospital has and others have been confused to in how to set up the Kindle Fire. This last link will take you to Amazon.coms help page for the Kindle Fire Help: Kindle Support. To chat with an employee click on contact us on the general help page and then input your question. They can be a little slow at times getting to you but are usually available just about any time to help you. Good luck and please post back if you are successful as I too go to a hospitals medical office to see my doctor and it might be nice if we could connect there.
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Make sure wifi is on, Airplane Mode is off, and java scripting is enabled in the browser. Launch the browser before you attempt to connect to the network. The browser should redirect to the terms & conditions page. After you hit Agree it should fully connect. That's what I have to do with my tablets and laptop.
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Check that the Dater and Time Automatic setting is on. Go to Settings, More... and then date and Time. For some unknown reason it will switch off by itself on rare occasions, wont connect to wifi and drive you nuts until you find out what's causing the problem. Apparently unless the time synchs it wont connect.
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I've had problems from time to time with mine but at my home wifi. I'll connect to the internet and it immediately drops. A hard shut down/reset of the Kindle itself (hold power button for 20 seconds, ignoring the 'Do you want to shut down your Kindle' pop-up and allowing it to go black) always does the trick however in your case not sure it will work since you are connecting at home. Won't hurt to try it if you've found no other fix. We have two Kindle Fires and a Paperwhite, the Fires both seem to need a reset every few weeks or they start to run slow and have issues.

If your mothers wait is long, maybe call Amazons Kindle support, they can be very helpful - if none of these suggestions help you, try giving them a call while your waiting.

Please let everyone know what the fix is when you find it.

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