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Brent Turner
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I have a pentium 100 generic computer that I have upgraded almost everything over the years, Larger hardrive, new video card, new sound card, ram, etc. My question concerns upgrading the processor. I have noticed that processors in the 300 to 400 mhz range on ebay for less than $100 bucks. Would this be cost effective and would one of these procesors even work with my motherboard? Thanks.
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Marshall Buttrey
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I don't believe anyone can answer that question yet. It depends on the mother board. You need to know what mother board you have, and then you "might" find out if the processor can be upgraded. If not, you'll need to upgrade the mother board first. Cost effective? You have to run the numbers. You might consider the following (and other info, you are sure to get).

It depends a lot on what the PC is used for.

Most households could use a second PC.

Adding memory will GREATLY improve performance, if that's what you're looking for. Maybe more than a 100 to 300 processor upgrade.

I have a 100 and a 333, amd I can't really tell that much difference. Some, but not enough to spend money on.

Good Luck.
Marshall Buttrey
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If you had this computer for several years , and have been using a pentium 100 during all that time, I am willing to bet that it will not handle a 300 to 400 mhz cpu, if I had the exact model of your motherboard I could find out for sure. I have bought a few things on ebay, but always remember that you are dealing in some cases companies and in some cases unknown individuals and all you have to go by is their feedback profile. I always bid to what I consider an acceptable loss, and never go above what I am prepared to lose in a worse case senerio. Which for me is well bellow the 100 range, (I'm cheap ??)

Your motherboard may handle up to a pentium 200 or 233, may or may not be MMX. My feeling is that you need a min. of a pentium 166 preferably with MMX ,that makes you compatable with any high speed DSL or cable, and it makes you compatable with a CD burner, anything less with a burner and you be making more casters than good cd burns. For pentium 1's MMX is preferable as they are dual voltage cpu's (but your motherboard must support it) and are capable of executing 2 instructions at the same time.

Get the motherboard name/model and I can tell you exactly what it can handle.

If you can handle a pentium 1 - 200 chip mmx (hopefully your motherboard can support MMX) that is likely a suitable upgrade for that motherboard.

I think you considering what appears to be the age of the computer, at this point ; I think you are looking at a motherboard & cpu upgrade. Now if it is a number of years old, than it is likely an AT case/power supply in it.

So unless you decide to upgrade within the motherboards support capabilities, you really have 3 options here...

1. live with it as it is.
2. Replace the motherboard within the existing enclosure/case.
3. Get a 2nd computer by buying outright or , building one yourself and obtaining the parts and you can mix between the 2 computers m, which harddrive or sound card in what computer.

If you have a family and if it is anything like mine , they all want the computer at the same time, I have 2 computers netwoeked together and will be adding/building more.

If you decide to replace the motherboard, anmd decide to use the same case , make sure if it is an AT case/power supply that the new motherboard is compatable with AT. The other thing is , the older boards took 72 pin simms for memory @ 66 bus speed. The newer boards take dimms for memory and those motherboards can run at 100 mhz, some can be set to run at 66 or 100, and some can even run at 133 bus speed. Cases are so fairly inexpensive especially if you can a motherboard that fits an AT tower case, the ATX cases are a little more expensive but not that much.

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Brent Turner
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Thanks for the reply. I actually still had the motherboard book, the board is asustek P/I-P55TP4XE. It clearly states on the cover Pentium 75-150mhz. I should have looked at to begin with. I'm sure if I upgrade the motherboard and chip I will be looking at a ram upgrade also. This is a computer that my daughter uses and she doesn't seem to mind, but it drives me crazy it seems so slow compared to my laptop at 500mhz. It handles a cable modem alright, but it just seems to get bogged down a lot. I guess I will need to compare cost to putting one together or upgrading the motherboard and processor and ram. By the way, I have bought over a 100 items on Ebay and only been screwed out of one printer cartridge. Most individuals are trustworthy, but here are a few rascals on there, there past performance is usually a good guide. Thanks
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