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My son recently tryed to upgrade our Internet Explorer to 5.5 service pack 1 and Internet tools. Now I can't see any pictures on ecards, or graphics in my email, and my "gator program" won't work. Please help quickly. I am really missing these!! Thank you.
P.S. My son just came home and said that it doesn't seem to want to install properly. It keeps telling him to turn off all applications and try again, but it doesn't work when he does this.

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click on ADD/REMOVE porgrams, is internet 5 or service pack 1 listed, try selecting them here and uninstalled them, reboot the computer and try again. Before you do that download the small setup file for explorer 5 from microsoft. This will bring the new explorer in and install it without the browser being there. I am not sure what the gator program is but once internet explorer is installed and working properly, if need be uninstall gator ,reboot and then re-install.

Remember disable any anti-virus program before uninstalling or installing. And always reboot after every uninstall and after every install.
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I'm sorry, but I don't know much about computers!! If I uninstall what my son tried to do (internet explorer 5.5 and tools) will my computer go back to the "way it was"???
Where and how do I get the small setup file for Explorer 5 from microsoft? What happens if I just click uninstall without doing that small setup first?
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What version of internet explorer are your running now ?

When you go to the microsoft site, and select the appropriate explorer for downloading, quite often with microsoft you actually download a small setup file. You you click on that file , it will go back to microsoft and download all the necessary software to do the upgrade.

With winodws 98, and windows millenium, internet explorer seems to intertwine with the operating system, and if you uninstall explorer , those features are gone, and I don't usually recommend it. The upgrade should just upgrade right over the old version. But if that way doesn't seem to be working ;If it is listed in the ADD/REMOVE programs in the control panel, you can try uninstalling it , reboot the computer and then run the microsoft setup file which should install internet explorer and reinstate any features that was previously removed. Remember with the browser uninstalled you will not be able to excess this site, so make sure that install setup file from microsoft is downloaded first, but only do this is upgrading over the existing version doesn't work. You may want to download any version of netscape as an added insurance from netscapes site as a backup if you had a problem, don't have to install it, but it is their that could be installed is need be to excess this site.

I really think you should be able to just upgrade over the existing version of internet explorer.

Remember to reboot after every uninstall and reboot after every install.

The other option is if you happy with your current browser, stay with it.

I don't have the same concerns because I have almost every operating system existing on CD's and copies of internet explorer and netscape on cd , you however may not have a copy on cd as an emergency backup.

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Thank you so VERY much for trying to help me! My son upgraded over the existing version of IE as you suggested and he believes that it installed.
BUT, I am still having the same problems with my email. When I am sent web pages and I try to go to them, then all I get is an empty, see-through box. For instance I received an email that told me you had replied. There was the address there for me to click on to take me to the "do it yourself" site. When I clicked on it, I got the empty, see-through box!! Email cards are the same. All of this worked fine before he started this upgrading stuff!!!
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When you try to click on a link that is an email message , does it open internet explorer up. What do you mean by an empty see through box, refering to your email client or internet explorer ? Does the new internet explorer work perfectly by itself ? Can you receive your email ok. Are you saying you only have a problem with link attachments in email that will not properly open explorer and go to that site/web page.

Again tell me when you click on a link/web page attachment to an email , what happens, does it cause explorer to open (assuming internet explorer was not open before).

Are you using outlook express as your email client, and if not what are you using for email ?
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Red face

Yes I do receive email, but if I click on links there then I get an empty square. It does have the spinning ball in the upper right hand corner, and also the words File Edit View.etc...Back Forward..etc....Location....etc. but the square under those words is blank. Also I can go to a site like but when I click on one of the cards, then again all I get is the empty see-through box. I'm very sorry that I don't know how to explain this better. I guess that you can tell that I don't know anything about computers or what to call things!!! Yes we do have Outlook Express.
My son just downloaded the Netscape Navigator and it works, but I don't enjoy using it as much as I did the Internet Explorer. All my bookmarks are there and I just liked it better. I am hoping that when my oldest son comes home in a week or two that he will know what to do. Thank you so much for "being there for me". Yours truly Berendina
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I have news for , I don't know everything either but I try...

I tried that site and it works for me. most upgrades usually go soothly but occasionally you do get a snag as you have experienced.

I would like you to try something , it may or may not work,
On the top of internet explorer, there should be a menu heading TOOLS, click on it, now on the pulldown menu select INTERNET OPTIONS, now click the ADVANCE TAB. Just above where the OK,CANCEL, APPLY buttons are is a BUTTON called RESTORE DEFAULTS, click this one, then click APPLY if it is not greyed out. Now scroll down the list , be carefull what you are clicking, don't want to chance anything accidently, make sure anything that says PLAY something is checked off, for example PLAY ANIMATIONS, PLAY SOUNDS, and there are others,perhaps DISPLAY PICTURES. NOW MAKE SURE THAT ....JAVA CONSOLE ENABLED ... IS CHECKED (and anything else that enables java), this will require a reboot, click APPLY, OK.

The site you gave could be based on java.

Just another note, some people love Netscape better , and some people love Internet Explorer better, it is personal preference.

Let me know if this helped any.

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I actually went through each step that you gave and still no luck. Java Enabled wasn't checked and so I happily checked and hoped, but I was not that lucky.
When I rebooted my computer I got a square saying: WINDOWS UPDATE:INTERNET EXPLORER AND INTERNET TOOLS the Window Update setup wizard guides you through the installation of Internet features of Windows. *I accept the agreement *I don't accept the agreement
I accepted the agreement and clicked Next
I then came to 2 choices *1 Install Now--Typical set of components...Typical includes Internet Explorer 5.5 Web Browser, Outlook Express, Windows Media Player, and other multimedia enhancements. (I believe that my son already did this) *2 Install Minimal, or customize your only the components you want, the folder in which to install them, choose your default browser, upgrade your Microsoft VM (for Java Support), or download the files now and install them later.
I am afraid to go further because I will be in "OVER MY HEAD" I don't know anything about which folder in which to install them, or even what a default browser is!! and so I clicked cancel. Then I got another box saying windows update is not completely installed on your computer. Are you sure you want to quit Setup? I clicked Yes.
Sorry that this is so much reading. I am chickening out. Maybe I will just get used to Netscape. The ecards, links, etc. do work with it!!
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A default browser means the broswer that opens when when you cleck on certain links or items outside your broswer. For example you open your mail client (outlook express, or whatever you use for mail) and there is a web link attached, you click on it, it will open the default broswer up and go to that site. Now if the deafault browser is netscape it will open that up and go to the site that was in included in the email, if internet explorer is the default browser then it will open that one up.

Now if your older son is knowledgeable in this, and netscape works perfectly, and since you said he will be home in a week or two, I would say perhaps it would be best to continue to use netscape until he arrives home. Try to see what he does to restore internet explorer to the way it should work so you can gain some experience in this. There is other things that I could tell you to do, but it is nothing like actually being at the computer itself, and you might be more comfortable just waiting then being afraid that something could get worse.
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Yes it would be better if I wait for my older son to come home for a visit. THANK YOU SO MUCH for trying to help me and also for treating me with respect and tact even though I am so computer illiterate!!! All the Best to you.

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