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Subject: Desktop Security.

Other then the preinstalled windows '98 OEM desktop select a user log on, enter a password program, is there a software product that actually offers a real level of privacy and security?

A sofware program that actually denies any further access passed the desktop, without entering the correct password?

The opening window, at startup, asks for a password for the intended user. Since windows allows the option of multiple users on the same computer having their own personalized desktops, for those users, it may have some intrinsic value.

However, it doesn't offer any real level of privacy or security that your lead to believe. It's a false sense of security, in my opinion. A simple click on the X box allows access.

OOOPS! Did I just let a cat out of the bag???...

If you know of or are currently using a software program that actually does work as intended, {denies further and total access of the computer} is compatible with windows '98 and functions flawlessly, kindly advise.

Several years ago, I disabled that login user dialog box. In my opinion, it's a useless waste of time program.

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Windows 95, windows 98, and windows me, file security is useless, anyone that is at all computer literate can bypass it or get around it. Windwos 2000 and NT does offer real security, to the point if don't know the password , you are never going to get it (unless you are truly one of the top hackers in the industry, there are a few around) Windows 2000 I beileve is a cross between ME and NT. To get the iron clad max security you have to format and set your hard drive a ceratin way, and you you don't do it that way , the max security will not be there. For the internet if you are really really pananoid and concerned , use a firewall, although if you are using a home network, some firewalls can give you problems, if a single computer a firewall will work great. There are 2 that I recommend , BLACK ICE DEFENDER, and ZONE ALARM, zone alarm offers a free firewall for personla use only.
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ZoneAlarm Works

Hi Kerr

Glad you took the time to read and reply to my question.
Nice to know you agree with my findings and my opinion.

It's hard to imagine there isn't anyone with the knowledge of writing a simple yet effective software program, that has taken the time to write such a program?

I also agree with you regarding firewalls. Thanks to the folks at ZoneAlarm, there is an effective fire wall program available as a download and it's free.

Best of all, for this free product from ZoneAlarm, the online enclosed instructions are well defined, easy to understand, setup is a breeze, E-mail and customer service help is excellent and it's advertizement free also!...

I use this product and can attest to it's effectiveness. It really works flawlessly and as intended.


I have no financial vested interests in ZoneAlarm.
At least not yet!!!...<haha>...

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