Internet Connection Locks up Computer


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First the basics: Windows 98, Dell with 750 Pentium III, 512 MB RAM, 56k Modem, AOL as ISP, with versions 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 loaded.

Last night I downloaded software from that is supposed to double the speed to open web graphics. Now when I try to log on to AOL it gets to Login Step 5, Talking to Network, and the computer freezes. The mouse cursor becomes a circle with a slash and you can do nothing. Cannot close AOL, click cancel, go to Start Menu, NOTHING! Ctrl-Alt-Del does not work. Only option is to push Reset button. I have run Scan Disk in Safe Mode, and it did not find any errors.

Find files with Netsetter returns the following files:

User at C:\Windows, 669KB DAT File
System at C:\Windows, 6077KB DAT File
nsprn at C:\Windows\System, 36KB Application
nscheck at C:\Windows\System, 381KB Application
nscfgaol(1) at C:\Windows\temp internet, 264KB WinZip
and 14 other Temp Internet files

No Netsetter software reference shows up in Control Panel Add/Remove Programs File.

Netsetter Web site will allow you to remove software, by clicking on a request to close Netsetter Account, but I cannot log on to internet from computer that I need to remove software from.

There is no Uninstall file.

I have sent two messages to Netsetter asking for help, but apparently everyone is gone on a Presidents' Day Holiday weekend.

I am presently logged on thru my Notebook Computer.

Any guidance on how to remove all references to this software without blowing away something that I need to keep?


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I am willing to bet it is a problem between the netsetter software and the AOL interface/software. It would likely work better with a regular ISP. My sugestion is to uninstall it from Control panel - add/remove programs, but have you tried that, you mentioned there was no uninstall file. My question is can you do it from add/remove programs in the control panel. You should be able to uninstall it from your computer without going to the netsetter site.

Just curuious , why do you have 3 different versions of AOL on your computer ? If you can't remove the netsetter software, (I assume you have a copy of your AOL software and user name/password/access #) try and uninstall all your AOL software, reboot after each uninstall. You can re-install 1 copy of AOL later.

Assuming you can uninsatll get and thing are back to normal, contact both AOL and netsetter for info of this problem before even thinking of trying it again.
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As I stated in my original post, I CANNOT UNINSTALL FROM CONTROL PANEL ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS. The software does not show up in the list of programs available to add/remove. I do not know how to make this clearer. I have uninstalled many, many programs this way, but if they are not listed in the window of programs, you cannot do an uninstall this way. If you have some way to modify this list, let me know, and I will try that.

Right now, my priority is to uninstall the netsetter software. When I accomplish that, I will be glad to come back and satisfy your curiosity question about the 3 versions of AOL Software. No, I don't have a current version of the software, and no one does. When AOL mailed the CD's with AOL 6.0 software, they were early versions of the software. They are susceptable to multiple crashes, and the only fix is to download a current version, a 2 hour project. Also, I cannot delete all versions of AOL, cause I will lose all my bookmarks, stored e-mails, address book, etc., etc. If you are familiar with AOL software, you will understand this. If you are not familiar, you won't.

If I ever get the Netsetter software uninstalled, I will not need to contact Netsetter and AOL, cause Netsetter and I are parting company. They may have the best thing since pop top beer cans, but I don't need them enough to endure these aggravations again. I still have a church key!

I appreciate your attempt at help, but I really want to focus on removing the Netsetter software. Any assistance you can provide with that task would be greatly appreciated.


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I fully understand that you are really burned and aggravated over this situation. However I didn't cause this.

Now I just spent about an hour doing searches for info on netsetter and also reading all I could at the netsetter and they just don't get into specifics of exactly what they reconfigure, but appears that they do basicly mess with the setting of your broswers and who knows what else during the registration process, the problem is they don't tell you how to undo them and expect you to log in to their members area before giving any kind of instructions on getting the chances out of the system, I not a member therefore I can't seem to get that info. I never came across any info about software download, I don't know what the registration process was, but it looks like they were able to some how execute a script to do the necessary chances, they seem to indicate that it work with AOL, but the process may have screwed up because of the different versions of AOL on the system.

One idea though, depending on whee you live, there is a number of free internet providers out there, annoying also as some put an advertising banner on your screen (I tried them , hated them , and never used them again) but the point is you just want to get on the internet long enough to them to rid you of the problem.

As far as your bookmarks and address book goes , you should be able to back up that file and copy the file back after it is uninstalled and the reinstalled. however where the snag comes in if you have different bookmarks in each version copy. I can't tell where the bookmarks are located in AOL as I don't use AOL, (tried it, didn't like it, end of story). As far as a 2 hour project goes downloading the latest version, I have a high speed connection so I could easily download it and burn it on a CD and mail it to you FREE of charge, I looked thru the AOL site and found a version 6 @ 44.1 megs size, is this the one you are looking for ?

I have built/assembled computers and have done a lot with computers, however contrary to popular beleive I don't know everything (would love to though, ha , ha) . I do my best to try to locate the info when possible. When I find an operating system serverely scrambled/screwed up and there is not an easy fix , I am usually inclined just to do an unconditional format on the hard drive and re-install the system, sometimes you can spend more time trying to fix a corrupt system then it takes to redo it from scratch.

I cannot guarantee that you not have to uninstall all your AOL versions and reinstall to conpletely solve this problem. Trying to get the unscribe/uninstall info from netsetter would be a start , however it appears to be in a members area that I can't get to.

Anyway I can be of assistense , I will try to help, but as they say Don't shoot the messenger.

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You are correct that I was really burned and aggravated. You also probably have justification to feel like I shot the messenger. However, your first recommendation was to "uninstall it from the control panel" and I thought I had made it pretty clear in my initial post, that it was not possible to uninstall it from the control panel. Hence, this "help" did nothing but further fuel my aggravation.

I appreciate your doing the searches and wish I had told you not to bother. I had already spent 5+ hours searching, and I had access to the netsetter web site and a user name, account, etc. Searching was no help, unless you could sign on to netsetter from the puter you wanted to remove the netsetter software from.

I also appreciate your offer to burn a CD for me.

I have the problem resolved and the netsetter software removed. I am not sure it was all the netsetter software, as there is still a bug in AOL 6.0. As info for anyone running AOL 6.0 that has a problem with it hanging at Step 5 of the login, go to keyword "step5" (without the "'s) and it will allow you to download a patch.

I am not a rookie on this website, nor are you. I have read many of your posts before, and found you to be knowledgeable and dedicated. I think you do a great job.

My apologies for "shooting the messenger".
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My Two Cents Worth

Hello Rick and D Kerr

I too once fell to the notion that a downloadable software product could drastically increase my web surfing and graphics display speeds plus make internet connections throught a dialup modem faster.

I had much the same and other similar problems with that product, as you had or may still have Rick. Therefore, I can almost fully understand your plight.

The name of the product I downloaded eludes me now but still to this day I have some pleasure not seeing it advertised any longer either. Hopefully the product and that company died a quite death.

What it was suppose to do is cache the home web sites pages your visiting. It's popup windows then asked you if you wanted to cache it for future high speed viewing.

Then it would display that home pages cached page, which was saved in it's programs files on your hard drive, then again upon a revisit to the site, it did display more quickly. It then downloaded only new current updated information posted to the site since your prior visit. In essence it did work.

This same product also had the option of removing selected ads and other advertisements. Nice feature if and when it worked correctly. Which was almost never.

Both these functions caused several conflicts within AOL when I previously had that internet "content service provider." The online sales only product company which had the speed enhancer softwares and phone contact help center was, for all intensive purposes, useless.

AOL was of little help too. However, since they didn't download the software product nor recommend or suggest it even thought they ran it's advertisements, they cannot be held to blame. I downloaded the $#$%$$#@ product!

I was able to remove it with the help of Norton's uninstall software product. In my opinion, Nortons product out does windows add/remove software without question.

Personal Conclusion:
Don't download anything with a claim that is unverified! Not even as I recently did from windows own products update web site. I had huge problems with the windows media players update version 7.0 download!!!

I hope you have success with your computer Rick.
I agree with D Kerr's professional advice and services on this matter and every other computer related help request posted on this site.

Now if I could get D Kerr to reply to my post regarding files and folders, life in this forum, for me would greatly improve to...<haha>

Best Regards,
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Cool Registry

Run up to Best Buy etc. and buy a program called Mcaffee Uninstaller. This will find and uninstall/delete any program on the drive including the registry. What has actually happened as does with all programs that claim to "Speed up your connection" Is to get into the scripting and registry defaults in the Winsock and modify them. What they don't tell you is that they don't work. I have even seen companies say they could speed up my cable modem... A modem already doing T1 speeds... I'm from Missouri, u best Sho Me! Anyway get the uninstaller (NOT NORTON) and it will return things back to normal. The problem w/the free ISP's is that they secretly download programs on you designed to make a "Super computer" network and may even require U to leave your computer on at certain times. And the real kicker is that if u don't read the agreement right u agree to it and there's nothing u can do about it. Now the bad part, if this does not work (uninstaller) u may have to format and start over. Anytime u mess with the registry u take the chance of doing what has just happened to u. Believe it or not, even as much as I get disgusted with Windoze, ole Billy Gates has spent billions of dollars to get this stuff to work. So what makes me, you, them think they can improve on hundreds of engineers etc. Have a martini (2 olives please) and get ready for the worse. Mike...
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Just in case someone else did not read my last post. I HAVE THE PROBLEM SOLVED.

Thanks for everyones help and support, but I do not need any more solutions.



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