How do I Reformat my computer ?


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Hello, I have downloaded aol 6.0 and my computer but I get a screen that says, "close and details", I talked to a Aol agent and they told me it seems as if I do not have win-explorer, that some how it got taken off and that I should Reformat my whole computer. How do I do this? I understand that it will clear out my Memory but I don't care I'm willing to start over again if need to. Heeeeeelp!
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I am not sure how windows explorer would have disappeared. What operating system do you have, and do you have the INSTALL CD. Don't go formating the drive until I know what you have .

I can tell you that some of these so-called technical suport personal at some ISP and likely AOL as well are not all that technical in their knowledge. Quite often these people are reading off of flip notes, and are almost totally useless. Occasssionally you do come across someone that knows what they are talking about. I realize that quite often I like to set things up my way, and when asked for specific info they can't give me a specific answer or the exact info I am looking for, or they tell me unless I do it there way , it won't work, I have in a lot of cases proven them wrong.

I will work with you all the way on this, but before starting fully understand the procedure. You won't be able to post or email without a fully operational computer.

Now the first thing you should know is that a total redo of the system, wipes absolutely everything, and I do mean everything. So if you have any personal letters that you have written, internet explorer favorates (or netscape) and you wish to keep them copy them on floppy first, or write them down. Also your address book in your email client, copy them, or write them down. Excess phone number for your ISP (or AOL) , user names /passwords. Also write down the name of your video card, sound card, modem name. Do you have the drivers for these devices on CD or diskette ?

I am hoping that you have windows 98 or windows me, as they are slightly easilier than 95 sometimes to install as they have a wider range of included drivers.

Give me answers to the above questions first, I will then give you the rest of the grusome details.

The other thing I would like to know is when you try to install AOL 6, give me the exact message WORD FOR WORD or error /problem that occurs. Also can you run windows explorer from START/PROGRAMS/ASSESSORIES/windows explorer.
Please give me as much detail as possible on your install procedure and at what point does it have a problem. Rather or not the guy at AOL knew what they were talking about or not, tell me exactly in as much detaila s possible the problem. Also does everything else you do on that computer run without a problem ? What size is your hard drive, cpu, memory, speed of your cd rom, and your modem speed.

I await you reply and will take it from there.

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I've copied your questions you have asked me and will try to answer as detailed as I can, thanks for your response.
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I just want to say that dkerr is absolutely right about the "techs" at AOL and I have found this so even with computer manufacturers tech people as well. I finially got my computer manufacturer to send me a floppy and cd (master) to completely re-do my computer like it was when I first opened the box. It required a reformat and was a lengthly experience. I have since reformatted about three different times and no reformat has been the same with me. It is always a little different for some reason (copying the files). Good luck and I hope this helps...Loomisman
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Talking Any chance of going through those details???

I have been waiting with subdued patience but am fully interested in the method do to the need to do a reformat at work. Win98 P166 1.2ghd This a 'hand me down' so have no need for any of the programs on the HD (nor the space used up by them). I've looked in past posts but maybe I am missing one that involves a reformat. Thanks
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Re: Any chance of going through those details???

in this thread I went thru the procedure, skip thru the messages and parts that you don't need, the actual redo explanation is towards the end of the thread. The inportant thing is that before executing the format command that you confirm that the start up boot disk dose bring up the cd rom drive, the start up disk will likely name the cd rom as E drive (if a 1 hard drive system) and will be renamed after the system install. If not a new hard drive install you can likely skip the fdisk procedure and go directly to format.

If there is a system on the drive already before starting the procedure, go to START/SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL/ click on system icon, device manager..
click on the + (to expand) beside the names for any modem, cd rom, netork card, video card, sound card, write down what you see, it makes life a bit easilier in teh event that windows 98 does not find an appropriate driver for these devices by itself, and if you don't have the drivers onb floppy or cd , you can find them on the internet if you know the names.

Any further questions or expalnation just ask.
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