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how can I keep track of e-mails and mailboxes that my kids don't want me to see?I have windows98.
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I am not sure what you have for an ISP but if you use Outlook Express, open it up and then click on tools. Once you do that, click on message rules then click on mail. In the first box, scroll down and click on all messages. In the second box, click on copy to specified folder. This should add a link in the third box that you can click on and specify where you want a copy of all emails to go. I am not an expert, by any means, but this should help you out.
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If they are using on installed email client, like outlook express, you do have excess to it, when you open up the client , click where it says INBOX and a dropdown menu will appear, you can click on SENT ITEMS and see what was sent, DELETED ITEMS, if the client is not set to delete items in that folder upon exit, if there are other folders you can check those to.

But I am willing to bet that you will find nothing as they are likely using HOTMAIL or similier free web based email sevices, and the email is not on your computer but at the email server that runs the service and that could be in some far away place for all we know, and without knowing the user name and password , your not going to get in to see it.

Now what they may or may not know is how to cover there tracks when web surfing. If you are using internet explorer click on the HISTORY icon , you should have displayed (assuming no-one was bright enough to delete this file) a list of all the sites visited in the past few days. Click on any listed item and internet explorer should go to that site so you can verify what the site was.

Maybe I should give you a few basics first before telling you what to check for... For a person to completely cover their tracks, they would have to delete the history file, delete all the temporary internet files, and delete the cookies.

I told you about the history file. Now I could just go and check everything in the temp folder but I think I will just tell you to do certain searches as this find things in the temp folder as well as other places on the computer.


Now we will do several different searches , lets start with
MPG, click the start search or find now button. As each search yelds its results look over the list, a little guess work will come into play , click on a few it should open explorer or other software to play or display the image/movie. Other things to search for is...


Those are the most common for internet movie and picture type material. Basicly if you are concerned over email , you are likely also concerned over inappropriate material that they may be viewing , porn for example. Most of it will have above mentioned entensions on their names.

If you look at the top of the internet explorer , click on TOOLS, then from the dropdown menu INTERNET OPTIONS, Now somewhere on that page it should say TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES, if you click on DELETE FILES after you confirm you will be deletely all the temps except the cookies. You may or may not want to do that quite yet, as you will delete as multimedia (pics/movie) type material that was previously viewed on the net. If you click on settings and view, you will see a pile of things listed, under the name column it will state cookie is it is a cookie , under the internet address column , you may see something like [email protected]
(that is a made up name I used as an example) look at the address after the @
that should give you the web address of the site that left it on your computer, if you type that address into the location bar of internet explorer and you may have to add the http://www. to it , like http://www.ANYWEB.COM that may take you to the site that left it and was of course visited before. Now some of these cookies may be from ad servers that puts ads into other web pages.

Hope this was of some help , let us know

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Thumbs up outsmarting teenagers

Thankyou I found some things and I learned some things!!!
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dkerr,all them steps are no good if you forget to empty recycle bin haha.I know i have to do it all the time at work(nosy boss)
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Good point, if are trying to track your teenages,you can use that to your advantage and would be another place to look, if they forgot to empty it.
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I think i just remembered another way for you to check on what they are doing.click start shutdown,restart in msdos mode.type scandisk:/restore/c I am not positive that is the right sequence as have not tryed it in a while but if it is it will put every thing back the way it was before they deleted stuff

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