Upgrading from XP to Windows 7


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Got everything today. The label on the hard drive package says "SATA III", which has me worried. The advertisement on the website I bought it from (Amazon) said "SATA 6 GB/s". It didn't mention anything about SATA III. Will this drive work with my PC? Model is Western Digital WD10EZEX. Apparently some drives will auto adjust to the MB speed and others have jumpers to set the data rate lower. Guess I'll just have to give it a try and find out.

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Just encountered a new problem. I can't open certain files located on my old XP drive. I keep getting administrator and access denied errors. I made sure that my account is set to administrator, put the user account settings to never notify, and changed the folder permissions to allow for every user listed, but I still can't open certain files. It isn't a certain type of file, it seems random. For example, I can open one folder and view a .pdf document, but when I try to open a .pdf from another folder it won't let me. I also tried copying the entire folder over to the Win7 drive, but I get a message saying I need the computer administrator's permission to copy the folder--I am the computer administrator!!!
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Think I resolved my issue. Once I changed the owner of the folder to my current account name, I was able to copy and open the files. There were two options, "Administrator" and "Master" (my account name). I first tried giving ownership to Administrator but that didn't work for some reason, even though my account is set to Administrator. Once I gave ownership to Master, I was given access. If my account (Master) is set to Administrator, then what is this other Administrator account and why can I not log in as such?
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Certain files from what I see will not let you open them unless you run them as admin. Even though I am logged in as the admin I still nedd to righ click on them and "run as administrator"

I believe its a security thing that they make you physically click it...
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If you're upgrading your OS to Windows 7 why not upgrade your office too. I think MS Office 2007 can open files from lower office version.

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