Is there any way making IE8 delay until finish Netgear wireless connected?


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Is there any way making IE8 delay until finish Netgear wireless connected?

For any convience, instead clicking IE8 after starting up Windows, I put 'IE8' icon on 'Start-up.' I want IE8 starts automatically when Windows starts up.

The problem is that when Windows coming up to the screen, 'Diagnostic Connection Problem' at the top of 'IE8,' because Wireless and LAN is a bit slow to connect. IE8 is VERY fast to load that is the problem.

Is there any trick/way making IE8 delay until completion of Netgear Wireless connection?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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The problem is likely that you have IE set to go to your home page when IE opens.
If you deselect whatever it is trying to open and have it just open to IE you will not have this problem.
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To add to what Greg said you can set your Homepage to blank or even an internal file.
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As long as you have IE8 at start up you will always have that same problem. There isn't really any way to slow IE8 from starting up and you wouldn't want it to either as then web pages would slow down. When I start my laptop which is a tiny bit slower than my desktop I always wait to start Firefox which is my preferred browser for most things. Firefox on some computers is a bit slower to start so if you really need a browser at start up you could try Firefox.

I have always found too that your internet whether it is wireless or not is always going to be slow at start up no matter what you do.
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You could set a scheduled task to start a program 30 seconds or a minute after you log on or the computer starts. See task scheduler in administrative tools.
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You can create a Batch file to do this.

Open Notepad. Create a Batch file by copying and pasting the text below into Notepad.

Copy the next 6 lines of text:

@echo off
echo IE will start shortly ...
@echo off
PING -n 11 >nul
start "" "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

End of copy. Do not copy this line.

You have to figure out how many seconds the system has to wait before launching IE8. Add one to that number. (If it's 70 seconds, the number you use is 71.) I have it set for 10 seconds, which is represented by the number 11 in the PING line. Change the number 11 in the PING line to the number you've determined is necessary to wait. Change only the number. Do not add or delete any spaces.

Save the Notepad file on your desktop as startIE.bat
Make sure the filename is correct, and not startIE.bat.txt
If it is, rename the file to startIE.bat

Take IE out of your Startup folder. Put startIE.bat in your Startup folder.
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Windows 7 "Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon" group policy

you can make computer wait for the network before startup

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