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Kathy D
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Some of the .dll files were deleted from my computer.
Is there anyway to retreive them? Thanks.
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Your best bet would be to reinstall Windoze. .dll's can be a real bummer to mess with!
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Kathy D
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Thank you for your help. I hope you mean windows.
If not, what do you mean?

I've never reinstalled windows. I am using 95.
Maybe it's time to upgrade.

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If the dll files that were deleted were application specific, you may be able to uninstall the perticular piece of software and then reinstall, if it is from the windows operating system then it is better just to reinstall the system. Is the computer you are using to visit this website , the same computer that the dll files are deleted from ?

Also if you deleted from the windows platform (not in dos mode) and you have NOT emptied your recycle bin folder then you have a chance, double left click on the recycle bin, now click restore all.

any dll's that were in the recycle bin should now be reinstated. If you have emptied the recycle bin then there gone.

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Kathy D
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The computer I am using is the one in which
the .dll files were deleted. I am not familiar
with installing, troubleshooting with computers.
I tried to recover in recycle bin, but they are gone.
The technican from AOL told me I needed more hard
drive space. He said that was the reason why we were
always being disconnected. So, my kids deleted all
kinds of stuff, to inlcude .dll files. I purchased
another hard drive, it's installed (Gateway Tech
talked me thru the installation). So, now have 2.
Still get disconnected from AOL, but not as much.

I have gained much knowledge from this forum. Your
answers are clear and to the point. You should consider
writing a book based of questions and answers in the
Thank you for all the help. Kathy D.

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I don't have a lot of faith in some ISP's support people or AOL support, it depends on who you talk to, some are good , others are so so. As far as your hard drive , I try to never let the C hard drive drop bellow 500 megs, or at least not bellow 300 megs. I find as the C drive starts dropping bellow 400 to 300 megs of free space, windows performance starts to lag. The gateway tech sounds like a good tech if he helped thru the installation.

Getting disconnect from AOL - cause could be from several reasons including at the AOL servers themselves, noisy phone lines, AOL server not reconizing activity during downloads, or using a browser outside of the AOL software itself. ISP as well as AOL are set to auto disconnect when there is no activity for 15 minutes, however there is times that the ISP (internet service provider) doesn't detect certain types of activity, and when it thinks that 15 minutes of no activity has occured it cuts you off. They do that to prevent there modems being tied up by people who simply forgot to disconnect, and to free up the server modems for other users. As they all have more users then possible connections, they can operate that way because not everyone uses the service at the same time.

Hard drive space is something you can always use, so the extra space will be of benifit to you. And am glad that at least your AOL disconnection is happening less frequent.
Thank you for the compliments, and if you have any further questions don't ever be hestitant to post them.

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