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Talking's not really a computer question...but...
I have a TI-86 graphing calculator and a battery leaked in it. Battery acid (I guess) leaked over the motherboard and the rubber thingy that touches it with buttons. I wiped it off with an rubbing alcohol pad and it worked for almost a week. Now it won't even turn on. I think the battery might have leaked for 2 days or more in there. Any ideas on how to get it running again and/or how to clean battery acid better?
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I am not specificly familiar with the TI-86 graphing calculator. But I will make one comment about those as you put it rubber thingy that touches it with buttons. Yes wipe it off with an alcohol pad and the contacts on the motherboard, but after you have done that, use a pencil eraser on the motherboard contacts where that rubber push button thingy goes.... goes over every inch of it with an eraser after you have cleaned it with alcohal, brush/blow off all the eraser debree after you finish relay the rubber push button pad and reassemble. This may or may not solve your problem, depending on the damage the battery acid did.

I followed this procedure with a electronic piano I have that certain keys where intermittent, and afterwords have never had a problem again with it.
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Cool Rubber thingy

FYI, the rubber thingy is a rubber pad with carbon contacts. Nomenclature will kill ya Check the other side of the board, see if any acid may have ran through. Some of those boards are waffered, where ther are more than just 2 sides. You may be SOL
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Alright thanks, if it doesn't work I'll send it off to the battery people cuz it says they will repair anything damaged by their batteries

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