Hate Pop-Up Windows!!!???


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Pop-up Windows:

Is there anyway or means by which to stop those $#@$$%$#@* pop up windows???... The windows I am referring to are those we all have encountered while online surfing.

The sub-sized unwanted and down right annoying and often pain in the %$##*&$#% windows referred to as 'pop up windows' are those that pop up whenever you unknowingly click a link to view a web site and POUF...without warning, your victimized as one pops up, <I hate when that happens... > while the intended web site is also loading.

Worse yet, if your Windows menu bar has been relocated to the top of the monitor screen, as my is and that $#%%$$! pop up windows menu bar is programed to locate at the top of the monitor, it's menu bar is now under the Windows bar!!!...

The pop up window also has no provision within it's window to select close. No provision to expand it or drag it lower down to expose the menu bar either.

With it's menu bar hidden under your Windows menu bar, your only option is to right click it inside your Windows menu bar and select close, then view the intended web site, if your not that annoyed, mad... and still that interested in the main site.

Helpful suggestions or corrections appreciated.

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At this site you can download software that will prevent pop-up windows from even appearing and has the option to make them appear by just right-clicking on the page and selecting "Allow Site's Pop-Ups", if you try it, let us know how well it works.
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I can't give you links due to my PC will not boot at this time but another place to search for popup stoppers is at http://www.zdnet.com downloads,search for popup stopper popstop or just popup should give results. Also, http://www.pcworld.com has a download area. I have used the program from zdnet, the best sounding one that was free, and I havn't seen a popup in I don't know when...Mike
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I downloaded a 'freebie' from ZDnet over a year ago called "Pop-Up Killer" - it's very effective for me.
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If the program George has is free I would bet it is the one I have/had since I just did a complete format :-(. It also is the one with the most downloads completed and I agree it is very effective....Mike
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Thumbs up Thanks Once Again for your Valued Advice

Thanks everyone.

This is why this doit site is wonderful. Only hours ago I posted a question and the answer is here. Thanks!...

I'll checkout the supplied links.

Most likely I'll give that freebie pop-up window killer a try. The perfect name for a bit of software to end that terrible annoyance and the price even sounds good...:-)


In case neither of you or anyone else reading this posting, didn't do a return visit to a prior question I posted a final reply to, in this forum regarding security, I totally suggest the useage of ZoneAlarm.

I have had the freebie downloaded version running on this computer and can attest to it's effectiveness. It works!

The online help is also EXCELLENT! Best I have ever dealt with bar none...:-)

Thanks again,

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