I need advice on DSL modems


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I need advice on DSL modems

I am thinking of signing up for DSL internet service through Centurylink. I can either rent a modem from them or buy one from a store. If I rent, it will cost around six bucks a month. They have DSL modems for about fifty bucks plus tax at nearby retailers. Buying my own appeals to me more. There is something I would like to know about, however. At RE PC, a store that sells used computers, they have a bin with used modems for around five or ten bucks. They do not have their original packaging or instructions. Is there any way I can tell by looking at them if they would be compatible with Centurylink DSL service? I noticed that on the package for a new modem, it said Broadband ADSL 2+. Is that something that I can use when looking for a used modem?

There is another issue here. If I buy my own modem, how long will it be before it is obsolete?
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Well, those are the chances you take. If you lease the modem then CL will have to replace it if it fails. They can (probably) do software updates with it still in service. If you buy a new modem that is on their list of approved devices then they can still (probably) do the software upgrades over the network but will they?

Buying a used modem could save you money IF the used modem is on the approved devices list AND is still totally functional. What kind of warranty will RE PC offer? As for how long it will last...if CL decides to change to a different protocol, one not supported by the modem you purchase, then you are just SOL.

I would look into the specifications that CL requires on modems at this time and also the specifications of the currently supplied modems. IF the currently supplied modems seem to vastly surpass the current minimum requirements it would suggest that CL is planning on a network upgrade in the not-to-distant future. If so, I would not be purchasing any minimum requirement modems unless you get them for a VERY good price and are prepared to toss them in favor of a newer unit in the near future.
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I bought my modem through my ISP instead of renting. Maybe I paid more for it that way than if I had bought it on my own but I knew it was compatible that way.
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In 4 different houses Verizon has always supplied a modem, free.

Anyways, the bargain bin modems may not work. Some of them are customized for a specific provider so you won't have access to all settings.

If they'll take it back if it doesn't work you're ahead of the game. Most will give you a setup screen a

Don't worry about the DSL modem becoming obsolete in a hurry. More likely your provider will drop POTS before that happens.

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