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Haven't visited in quite a while and now can't seem to view any forum threads. Clicking on any thread title or the arrow in the far right column just brings up a blank white page in IE? Ditto in Netscape; just goes to a blank page with location like (sample)

Am I missing something here? Would appreciate an answer via e-mail since I can't read the forums.


[email protected]
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Do you have a problem with any other site ?

I question how you were able to enter your post with the current problem ?

Also look closely at the modem indicator in the system box, click on a thread , how much activity do you see after the click. What provider are you using for internet, AOL or other.

I will try and send this later by email, don't want my work email address to show up on this...

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Received emails as follows...

-----Original Message-----
From: John Street [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: February 28, 2001 9:40 AM
To: [email protected]

Hi, thanks for the response. Beats me why I can't get the pages to come up. Posting the question was no problem; typed in the text hit post and it "took". When it tried to show me the post, the page came up blank, but I
could tell it went because it showed in the index of post topics. I have tried everything I can think of as far as settings, etc with no luck. I am running Netscape Communicator 4.76 (also have IE 5.5 w/SP1 and does same
thing) under Win98 2nd edition. When I click on a thread the browser goes to the location
(, but the page is completely blank. The page header says "GIF image 1x1 pixels". When I
go to view source, the only thing on the source page is:


I just ran a check for modem activity for that thread:

Before rcvd-449,594
sent- 61,471

After page
tries to load rcvd-449,610
sent- 61,519

I am connecting through a local ISP and have no other trouble on any other
sites ( including my own - ). I am totally
-----Original Message-----
From: John Street [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: February 28, 2001 10:05 AM
To: [email protected]

Additional info:

I can get to posts if I click on a "latest post" from the MAIN forum index of topics, but I can only access the latest post from any topic. If I go to the topic directory and try to select latest or any other post I get the
blank screen routine. No trouble reading the old forum archives. Crazy or what?!?!

Does this make any sense to anyone ?
Any ideas to tell him ?
If you look at the byte count at the modem, before and after, the page is not being received, but why ? , if its works on every other site, and does the same in IE and netscape ? Java ? but that would not explain how every other site works ?

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