Laptop+Cell modem


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Wow... I am sure to leave out info but here goes..
Dell Latitude ZPi (older p90 I believe)
Nokia cell with their Nokia Data Suite software
A Megahertz PCmia modem
I think that should be enuff to confuse the issue...
Here lies the problem, when I try to change from the pc modem to the Nokia Data Suite in both control panel and also the Explorer5.5 setup I cannot get it to switch to Data Suite.. hence the problem of getting the cell to dial up ISP. Seems like there should be an 'apply' button or such but there is not. I have had it work but not sure what I did to do it(only once or twice) I just putzed with it and shazam it worked. Now I cant get the cell modem to work again and I think it is just a simple something or other I need to do. Thank you Mr. Gates! At this point any input may get me past breaking windows with the silly thing.
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Cool Protocol

I can see a possible conflict in the 2 different software protocols. Try either one or the other, get that protocol working right then load up the other.
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Unhappy Yeh but......

Yes but I have had both work but I struggle with getting it to switch at my whim. I even deleted the PC modem and left the Nokia( It does not have a cd-rom to reinstall easily) and it will still access the pc modem ( yes I must not be totally deleting the PCmia modem.. hmmm) so go figure. But I have had them both installed and somehow able to access the net with both but struggle with having the Nokia Data stay put. What I mean is when I go into control panel modem I switch it to Nokia and close window and go back to look it reverts back to the PCmia modem.. hence the dilema.. there is no 'apply' button or such so it will not work with the Nokia cell. Of course the PC card modem still works.
Does all that help??!!
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Maybe if you disable your modem instead of removing it.......nm

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Unhappy Umm how does....

What would be the proper procedure for that? he asks unknowingly
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device manager>modem properties>general tab

at the bottom, in the box called 'device usage', click the box.........
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