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Per my previous post on unable to read forums; still no luck
and have no idea what replies are posted. When I received post response notification via e-mail and clicked on the referenced link, same results - blank white page! I welcome any and all suggestions from moderators and anyone else, but you will have to reply to me by email (can't read the forum threads!!!) [[email protected]] Almost on verge of offering a reward for anyone who can solve this it's so crazy. I can access EVERYTHING else on the site and have NO problems on ANY other site!!!

Here's a recap:

[See original post for the problem]

At 07:46 PM 02/27/2001 -0500, you wrote:
Do you have a problem with any other site ?

I question how you were able to enter your post with the current problem ?

Also look closely at the modem indicator in the system box, click on a
thread , how much activity do you see after the click. What provider are you
using for internet, AOL or other.

I will try and send this later by email, don't want my work email address to
show up on this...

Hi, thanks for the response. Beats me why I can't get the pages to come up. Posting the question was no problem; typed in the text hit post and it "took". When it tried to SHOW me the post, the page came up blank, but I could tell it went because it showed in the index of post topics. I have tried everything I can think of as far as settings, etc with no luck. I am running Netscape Communicator 4.76 (also have IE 5.5 w/SP1 and does same thing) under Win98 2nd edition. When I click on a thread the browser goes to the location (, but the page is completely blank. The page header says "GIF image 1x1 pixels". When I go to view source, the only thing on the source page is:


I just ran a check for modem activity for that thread:

Before rcvd-449,594
sent- 61,471

After page
tries to load rcvd-449,610
sent- 61,519

I am connecting through a local ISP and have no other trouble on any other sites ( including my own - ). I am totally stumped!!!!!


Additional info:

I can get to posts if I click on a "latest post" from the MAIN forum index of topics, but I can only access the latest post from any topic. If I go to the topic directory and try to select latest or any other post I get the blank screen routine. No trouble reading the old forum archives. Crazy or what?!?!

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This all doesn't make sense, if every other site will work on the web , you can see the archives on the site but not the current forum threads.

Go to tools/internet options...
click on advanced tab, click restore defaults, scroll down teh list of options, make sure anything to do with Jasva is enabled, any thing that indicates to show picturs, animations, etc enable. Apply/OK.

Since you have the same problem in both explorer and netscape, I doubt that is th problem.

Do you a firewall ? Do you use a host file or set up any software that attempts to filter out advertisements ?
Any family security or family protection software ?

I would like to know when was the last time that you that the computer did not have this problem, and what was done on the computer between that time and now, software installs, uninstalls...

Any antivirus software that you may be using Disable it, and try to hit this site again.

I have copied and emailed this post...
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Talking FIXED, THANKS!!!

Great catch on the fix for this; it was a program called
AdsOff! that filters ads from sites. As soon as you mentioned it in your e-mail I slapped my forehead and said
"duh, bet that's the culprit". Still can't figure out what would be unique about only these particular pages as I haven't run into any problems on any other site and the AdsOff! has been on the computer for quite a while. Oh well, time to catch up on forum reading and thanks again.

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