Tablet operating system


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Tablet operating system

Hi All and thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

I use verizon for my carrier and want to get a tablet with 4G on it. I can get one through Verizon but then I have to agree to two more years of service.

So, looking on the 'Bay and Craigslist. However, most of them have the Android 3 system on them and I'd like to have the newest system. Can these be updated?

I'm looking primarily at the galaxy Tab and Tab2. Also seeing some Motorola Xoom and the XYBoard. Any input on the quality of these.? I assume these are older models? Any other suggestions? Has to be a 10" screen, the eyes demand it these days.

Again, thanks for any info or input.
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I don't own a tablet yet but do own I suppose you could call it its grandfather a PDA made by Dell. I do know that you can hook up tablets via wifi so you actually could buy any tablet at all and use it via a wifi connection. Do you want just wifi or are you interested in a cellular connection too? If you want cellular then you would have to go with the carrier of your choice. Answering those questions will help those more familiar with tablets.

I might buy a tablet at some point but think I want something more along the lines of a Kindle Fire e-reader. I hear that the Kindle Fires can do about anything any other tablet can do. Those are the only tablets I have looked into though.
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You might want to check out this site for information. Android Tablet Forum
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Android tablets are mostly stuck within one major release of the Android version they came with, so you usually can't upgrade. Some manufacturers also layered their own proprietary software on top of the standard Android OS.

You can "root" an Android device and load whatever you want on it, but it may not work. I have an Asus 10-inch tablet that runs fine on v4.2. Almost all of the upgraded features of the latest OS can be loaded as Apps on my tablet, so it doesn't affect me in the least.

As Hedgeclippers said the tablet can use wireless, so it doesn't need a cellular carrier. When I'm in areas that don't have public wifi I use a mobile 4g hotspot. After $100 for that hardware, pay-as-you-go is as low as $20 a month to have your own portable wifi.

The only issue you'll have with buying new-old-stock or used from ebay is battery life. What once lasted ten or more hours will need more frequent charges. My Asus is down to about 6 hours after three years. Very few tablets provide a means to replace batteries.

Since you're looking at older devices, stay away from the Toshiba Thrive. The spec and feature list made it appear to be an outstanding product, but they never got it working properly and had to disable some functions -- like GPS.
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I had considered getting WIFi and 4g with my Ipad, but realized with 4g it was another cell phone, and I didn't need another one. I use known WIFI spots and can communicate just fine without the 4g. I use the Ipad about 80% of the time on the forums, but if I have to upload a picture from my laptop's data base, or thumb drive, I have to switch. One drawback to Apple is no external drive port.

Now, I do use my MotoX as a computer, too. Android. Not as fast on 4g as it is on WIFI.
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I bought a Nook Color used on Ebay*. Cheap price because it is old and the manufacturer has heavily restricted its ability by rewriting the Android Os. However it can be rooted with free software using a Micro SD card and the latest Android OS installed giving you a full Android tablet or a full Android OS can be loaded on a bootable Micro SD card and ran with out touching the OS. So if you dig there are ways around the existing OS.

*Unfortunately the seller swears she mailed it but the post office tracking number indicates only the electronic notification of intention to ship was received but the package was never received. Feel like a kid on Christmas morning that is told Santa vanished on his way to my house. Already had the SD card burned and ready to go.

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