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Kathy D
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Hi. Was reading your comments to Swamprose. I
installed western digital hard drive because the
c drive is almost full. I bought it from gateway
and their technican talked me thru the installation
prosess. I had 4.0 gb ide hard drive and bought
20 more. Mine is installed as drive d. The cd is
now drive E.

My question is when the c drive has no more room, does everything else go the the new d drive? As far as
I can tell, the new d drive has nothing on it.

This is the computer we use at home, it's 3 years old.
Using windows 95. It's G6-300system with MMX.
Pentium II Motherboard with 300 MHZ processor.

This computer is used basically for internet--nothing
else. My children occassionally type a paper.
They download pictures, and I am told this takes up
a lot of space.
Thanks. Kathy
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Unhappy hard drive

nothing will appear on your D drive unless
you physically copy files to it. It does not
automatically take files from the C drive if it
is getting full. If you like you can copy and
paste files from your c drive to the D drive to
clear up space on the c.
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It will not automaticly go to D drive. If you find the space is getting low on C drive, you can...

Find out what applcations you haev the install cd's for. Go to START/SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL/ click on ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS

then select and unintstall the application that you have the cd for. Reboot the computer, now reinstall the software and if it asks where to install the software specify D drive , and not the default it comes up with, then it will install on the D drive, and free that space up on the C.
documents that you save ... you can create a folder on the D drive and then create a shortcut icon on the desktop as a easy way to open that folder up.

By uninstalling ,rebooting, reinstalling to D drive , reboot ...you can free up space on C and have that software on D. Do not simply move the software folder to the new drive uninstall then reinstall specifying to install to the new drive.
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Kathy D
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Thank you. I will try this tonight.
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Marshall Buttrey
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Most disc manufacturers have programs that will let you REPLACE the old drive. I recently used discwizard 2000 from seagate, and was pleased with the results.

Basically the program took me through moving my entire system from an old disk to a new one, and swapping out the hardware.

You might check out the site for the company that made the new drive.

If that doesn't work, considering what you use the PC for, you might consider building a new system on the new drive. Then install the old drive as a slave and import and copy information from it to the new one.

Good Luck

Marshall Buttrey
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Kathy D
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Thanks. I did visit Western Digital's site, and
they offer help. The drive came with a diskette
called Data Lifeguard EZ-Install. Gateway tech
said I did not need to use it. I think tech may
be incorrect. I am going to re-read their literature,
so wish me luck!!!
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Marshall Buttrey
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You probably "don't" need it, but it might make the change a lot easier.

Since you use the PC almost exclusively for accessing the Internet, it is likely easier to install the new drive, install Windows (I hope 98), and download and install the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.

You can then install your old drive as a slave and have access to all your old information.

All this should take no more than a few hours (including the download time), and it could be the safest way. (You can always take out the new drive, replug the old drive as the master, and be back where you started in a few minutes.)

Good Luck, and let us know what you decide and how you fair.

Marshall Buttrey
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Kathy D
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Thanks for all the help. We use windows 95 at home.
I reviewed the western ditigal easy install info, but
there are so many "ifs," "ands," and "buts," that I
am going to take the computer to Mom and Pop store
close to home and let them reconfigure the system for
me. Maybe I should upgrade to windows 98 or would you
recommend something later? It seems as though 98 is much
easier to understand.

Again, thanks for all your help. This is such a useful
website. It's really great you all take time to do research
for all the folks that ask questions. Kathy D.

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I use both windows 98 (2nd edition) and windows me, (I have 2 computers), I like windows me, I use windows 98 on the 2nd computer because it doesn't have the resources that the main computer has. Don't go by the min requirements microsoft says , basicly make sure your system exceeds min. requirements, if your system just barely meets Windows ME min. requirements then go with windows 98. If it greatly exceeds windows me requirements then windows ME will be fine. If in doubt go with windows 98.

Windows 95 was the first in the generation of true multitasking operating systems, and as a result some people relate to it as an unfinished product or a beta release of 98.
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Kathy D
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If I use windows 95, I purchase an upgrade for Windows me
or do I have to buy the entire program? I guess you can
tell, I don't know much about computer software.

Is Windows Me easier to use for someone without any
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I would recommend at least 64 megs of memory or more for windows me.

An upgrade version is usually a lot cheaper than a stand alone version.

I like ME because of its ease of insatll from sratch , because it comes with a large driver base included with it, and it has good home networking capabilities built into it. ALthough windows 98, does have networking capabilities, I like ME system better. It is really a personal choice you may not find a lot a difference between the 2, look at the prices of the 2, if you have the resources to run ME, and the prices are reasonable then go for it, but if there is a big difference in price or computer resources are marginal then go with winodws 98 2nd edition.
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Kathy D
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Thanks for all the help. Kathy.
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