Win7 Recovery Disk on XP?


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Win7 Recovery Disk on XP?

I'm seeking opinions before I try. Hopefully somebody has experience or some special knowledge. Otherwise, I'll update with how it works out.

I'm getting the blue screen, "non-bootable sector" message on my XP. (I know about the April EoL, but up until recently, it has worked and it's been just one of my machines) The blue screen came up suddenly after the computer had mistakenly been unplugged and the internet leads me to believe that I should be able to get back on it for at least enough time to update my backups, if I run the recovery disk.

Unfortunately, if I ever made a recovery disk it was a long time ago and I haven't used my installation disk in at least ten years, over the course of which I've moved twice.

The XP's file system is NTSF and unless the disk is in another couple of places it just occurred to me to look, another option available to me would be to try running a Win7 Recovery Disk, but though the file systems are the same and you'd think that WindowsUpdate might have made enough changes to the XP for chkdsk, I thought I'd solicit opinions.

Does anyone think this might work?

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I seriously doubt that it would work. WIN 7 is quite a bit different than XP.
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My thinking is that chkdsk would operate at the DOS-like level of the filesystem which should theoretically be similar, but because it's also different it could also mess things up, which is why I've asked.

Of course, though I've run chkdsk on every Microsoft OS since it was introduced, I don't know that I've used a boot disk since like DOS 6, so this is the first I've thought about how it may have changed.

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Furd is right it will not work Windows 7 and Windows XP are written differently. Windows 7 doesn't even use Dos except in Windows XP compatibility mode and even then not all programs written for Windows XP will work on Windows 7. Better to try to find an old copy of Windows XP off of E-Bay than to try using a copy of Windows 7 as you would just be trying something that will not work.
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People like me have stockpiles of factory XP disks lying about. I'm not bragging, I'm pointing out that Geeks never throw anything away so long as there's the remotest possibility it ever could be useful again. I have original boot media for every Micro$loth OS since M$-DOS 2.11 (and a USB floppy drive so I can still use the 1.44mb floppies). My first suggestion would be to call around to your geekiest buddies and ask to borrow from their library of disks. Worst case, find someone running a bittorrent client and ask them to download an unmodified XP disk image for you.

If that doesn't work for you, IMHO, your best bet is to use a Linux-based rescue tool. Most Linuxes are NTFS-aware, and they make an excellent Windoze repair tool because they don't give a hoot in a holler about NTFS file permissions and security. They can move, delete or edit absolutely any Windoze file.

Here is an article from Life Hacker on their five favorite *NIXes for Windoze rescue. My favorite is Hiren's BootCD, and it does include a "BootSect" tool that replicates the function of Windoze "bootsect.exe" boot sector repair tool.

You can burn the image to CD and boot off the CD, or if your PC's BIOS supports booting off a USB port, you can load the image onto a thumb drive using Pen Drive Linux's Universal USB Installer, which will also be bootable. I rarely ever use CDs/DVDs for OS installs anymore since I discovered this tool.
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Thanks! That looks like exactly what I need. Because of all the moving, my geek friends are spread out and the couple I had contacted said that they know they have a copy somewhere, but it's kind of hard to push them to do anything from more than a thousand miles away. I've also got tons of old DOS and have found the last two versions of NT along with my installation disks for 3.11, 95 and 98, but I guess that I had XP somewhere "safe" because I'm not finding the thing.

I trust Lifehacker and their Hive Fives, so I know they won't steer me wrong.

Thanks for both the recommendation and the link!

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