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I agree with you Matt true there are people who like Windows 8 and to those people I say great I am glad you like it. It is too drastic a change for me and I agree with you about it being in some ways too much like Vista as I feel it is too buggy. Again there are those who say what bugs? All I can say about Windows 8 is what I have read about it and none of it very good either with many complaints against it. So many in fact as was just shown its market share is very low compared to Windows 7.

It must be rather embarrassing to work for Microsoft these days knowing that so many people absolutely hate their new operating system and also knowing it is being compared to Vista another failure on their part. The chart that the_tow_guy so kindly points to in his link shows Windows XP with still a very high share of the Market. So far as I can see Microsoft has only had three good releases Windows 98, Windows Xp and Windows 7. Perhaps 9 will be better at least I hope so this being in my own opinion.
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Microsoft is merely acting the part of the 800 pound gorilla. Note that according to the chart that the_tow_guy linked to Microsoft has more than 90% of the market when it comes to operating systems. With that much muscle they can do anything they want and with very few exceptions everyone has to follow them no matter what the cost.
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Reminds me of the VHS v. Beta battle way back when (am I dating myself?). One of these days I'm going to pull out my old Win95 disk and load it on the discard computer sitting on my bench in the garage.
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Download Windows XP Mode from Official Microsoft Download Center
I just heard about XP mode for Windows 7 which allows a user to run programs made for XP in Windows 7. Just a thought.
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XP mode will still have the same unpatched vulnerabilities as XP because it's simply a VM image of XPSP3 running on 7. It's not really a special 'mode' of 7.

So while it should technically be sandboxed from the 7 install, unless it ONLY runs within the confines of the VM (denied access to local drives, network, etc) it could still get a virus or be exploited to a point that someone has access to the hard drives/main OS/network.
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I have XP mode on my Windows 7 Professional install on my desktop and I haven't had any problems with having it running on my computer. I did that because at one time I had Word 2000 running on my desktop. Later on I won a copy of office 2010 with Word included and I uninstalled Works with Word 2000. You make a valid point though Matt you really should keep your anti-virus up to date and its associated helpers so you keep your computer clean. I use Super Anti Spyware at least once a week that you told me about.

Larry my pm box is open you can pm me at any time.

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