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I am running win98 and we recently bought a
cd writer and after installing it it seems to
work fine as a reader but when we check all the
cables and hookup and we try to use it as a
writer we get a message that there is no cr/crw installed

the message reads

there are no supported cd recorders available.
ensure that your cd recorder is powered on and that all cables are properly connected.
you may need to update easy cd creator to recognize your recorder.

we did what we were asked but to no avail. on startup
the writer is recognized with no problems. you can even use the drive to install games.

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What CPU is in your computer, bus speed, and name and version of cd burn software ? The min recommended requirements for a cd burner is a pentium 166, otherwise you may get a lot of buffer under runs and be creating more coasters than good cd/s.

If you are using easy creator , know the version # and go to the adaptec site and get the latest ASPI drivers as well as any updated software for your version of easy creator. Also go to the cd burner's manufactor web site and obtain the latest drivers for the burner. There may also be new firmware for the cd burner available, but try all other things before considering updating the firmware as you don't want to mess up on that proceedure (I don't know if you have experience in updating firmware or not).

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Wink BIOS also

Had a similar problem and a buddy reinstalled BIOS off the website and SHAZAMM it all worked again.... go figure.
I also found that after I bought the full version of Adaptec CD writer I have had less headaches.
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cd writer

thanks I'll give both things a try
I am running version 4 of cd creator
and slso a pentium II 233 and it's
a panasonic cd writer. I was only
given the adaptec cd for installation.
we had a HP writer before and now I am
wondering if some files may have gotten
deleted when i uninstalled the other software.

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Talking panasonic firmware

can somebody tell me the web site
to download firmware for my panasonic cd-r/rw7586
as I get pushed around in circles at any
site i go to even Panasonic. I don't seem to be able to find
any filename called firmware on my computer.
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Re: panasonic firmware

This site has firmware for the CDRW-7586 Drive

follow its instructions exactly if you do decide to upgrade the firmware on this drive.

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unzip the files, there is a readme file included, read it, run the .exe , follow the prompts, I think you need to choose the drive and type in the filename of the *.rom included. You may have to exucute this from a dos prompt, I am not sure if it will work directly from the windows desktop, It is something I can't test on mine, but I only done this once and if I can remember right it was exucuted from a dos prompt. I don't usually go for the latest firmware unless there is a problem, as the old saying goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

If you need more help just ask.
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Red face cd writer

I was reading on the internet
that if adaptec doesn't support the cd-r drive
no firmware update will help. Is there
some other types of cd writer software that
might work with my panasonic writer. For forum
readers out there I also read that
HP writers sometimes do not work with
80 minute cds only 74 minute ones.
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Re: cd writer

It is apparently supported in versions 4.03 and 5 , you can upgrade from version 4 to 4.03 ( if you have version 4), be sure to know if you have the standard or delux version when picking the upgrade software.

I think you may have found the cause , your writer is only supported on version 4.03 and 5 of easy creater.

Check these 3 links all to the adaptec site


There are other CD writer software out there, try upgrading adaptec first , we will try and get this without spending money on new software first.

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