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I have AOL for an ISP and am having a long time too wait at times getting on line. I get " modem will not initilize " on a certain telephone # there is an inordinate time wait getting connected. I have accessed my account at other locations and it takes a very short ammount of time. Is my modem causing the problem or does the trouble lie with AOL?
I have a 2 year old Gateway 350. I have installed the 6.0 version of AOL.
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Does the modem actually try to dial the number, if you normally hear the dailing on your speakers ? If not you may have to pick up a phone a listen as you as you try to connect and see if you hear the dial tones and rather or not the ISP picks up or gets a busy signal. If the modem is not dialing or picking up the line, teh problem is at your end, if the modem is picking up the line and dialing and the other end is not picking up or is getting abusy signal then teh problem is at the AOL end.

When you say you have accessed your accound at other locations, meaning from another computer or using differnt access numbers ?

If it is as I beleive you have said a certain access number takes a long time to connect, the problem could very well be at the AOL end. If this is the case contact AOl support and inform them of the problem and that it only happens on that one access number and works on all other access numbers.

Another possibility that the one number in setup entered wrong in your AOL setup.
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There is a bug with the early releases of AOL 6.0, that does a couple of different things. One, you get "the modem will not initialize" and the other is it will hang up at Step 5 of the Log On. I had both of these problems with an AOL 6.0 CD that came in the mail.

Go to Help, at the top of the AOL screen, and pull down to "About America on Line". A screen will come up that says Revision XXXX.XXXXX. If the Revision is any number lower than 4097.10501, you need to download the latest version of AOL 6.0.

If the newer version of AOL 6.0 does not solve your problem, then you may have a modem problem or a configuration problem. Give these solutions a try.

A. Using an alternate access number
B. Auto detect the modem in AOL
C. Manually set up the modem
D. Determine if the modem is functioning properly using HyperTerminal

A. Using an alternate access number

NOTE: Start AOL but do not sign on.

1. Click on ACCESS NUMBER.
2. Type your Area Code in the Area Code box, then click on NEXT.
3. Select all local numbers that are in your area, then click on NEXT.

NOTE: What constitutes a local call can vary widely by calling plan and phone company. For your protection, please check with your local phone company to ensure the AOL access number you selected is a local call for your calling plan.

4. If you are in a hotel, office, or an area where an additional number must be dialed to reach an outside line,
a. Check the Dial ___ to reach an outside line box and type in the appropriate Number, followed by a Comma.
b. If you have call waiting and do not wish to be bumped offline when a call comes through, check the Dial ___ to turn off call waiting box, then type in the appropriate Number Code to turn off your call waiting, then click on NEXT.
5. Click on FINISH to return to the Sign On screen.
6. In Sherlock, click on the NODE INFORMATION button. It is the first button (looks like 2 computers) located at the top of the window beside the small red phone button.
7. In the Area Code box, type the Area Code where the member is located, then click on SEARCH.
8. Click once on the Access phone number having the difficulty to select it, then click on FILE NEW REPORT tab.
9. Fill out the form, then click on SEND REPORT. Be sure to ask the member for their area code and exchange (the first three digits of their seven-digit phone number) and include this information in the Comments box.

NOTE: If the number currently has a Busy report, do not file another one.

B. Auto detect the modem in AOL
1. On the AOL Sign On screen, click on SETUP.
2. Click on EXPERT SETUP.
3. Click on the DEVICES (MODEMS, ETC.) tab.
4. Select the Modem, then click on DELETE.
5. Click on YES to reassign associated access numbers to another connection device.

NOTE: If more than one modem is listed, repeat steps 4 and 5 to delete all modems listed. You do not need to delete TCP/IP connections.

6. Click on AUTO DETECT. AOL will search for a way for you to connect. This may take a moment.
7. When AOL is finished detecting your modem, click on NEXT.

NOTE: If AOL prompts you to add an access number after your modem has been successfully detected, click on Cancel, then click on Yes to return to the modem setup.

8. Click on YES to change the device for all numbers. You will return to the Sign On screen.

C. Manually set up the modem
1. Click on START, select Programs, select America Online, then click on AOL SYSTEM INFORMATION.
2. Click on the MODEMS tab.
3. Select the COM Port that the modem is listed on, then click on MORE INFO.

NOTE: For Windows 2000/NT Workstation users, if you need help setting up your modem properly in RAS, contact your computer manufacturer or refer to your Windows manual.

4. Click on CLOSE.
5. Click on START, select Programs select America Online, then click on AMERICA ONLINE 6.0.
6. On the AOL Sign On screen, click on SETUP.
7. Click on EXPERT SETUP.
8. Click on the DEVICES (MODEMS, ETC.) tab.
9. Select the Modem, then click on EDIT.
10. Select the Modem on the list that most closely matches the information from the AOL System Information tool in step 3.

NOTE: If AOL originally listed the modem as one of the following

Rockwell (WinRPI)
Rockwell (WinRPI+)
WinRPI Modem
WinRPI+ Modem

select WinRPI/WinRPI+ (No Error [email protected]), then select 9600 for the Port Speed. This will increase the reliability of the connection.

NOTE: If your modem is not listed, select UMC (Generic) V.32 bis.

11. Ensure the Port Speed matches your modem's speed, select the COM Port your modem is using, then click on OK.
12. Click on CLOSE. You should now be able to sign on normally.

D. Determine if the modem is functioning properly using HyperTerminal

NOTE: If you have a Internet Service Provider (ISP) or other online service, you can try connecting to that service instead of using HyperTerminal.

1. Click on START, then click on RUN.
2. In the Open box, type


then click on OK. The HyperTerminal program will start.
3. In the Name box, type


then click on OK.
4. In the Area code box, type


in the Phone number box, type


select the Modem in the Connect using dropdown menu, then click on OK.
5. Click on DIAL.

NOTE: If you see the message Do you want ANSI graphics? then the modem is functioning properly. If the modem does not dial or you do not get the message Do you want ANSI graphics?, the modem is not functioning properly. Please contact your computer or modem manufacturer.

6. Click on FILE, then click on EXIT.
7. Click on YES if it asks if you want to disconnect.
8. Click on NO when it asks you to save the settings.

Hope something here helps. If not, you just wasted 5 minutes reading this, and more time trying to fix the problem.
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thanks guys I will look into both replies
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