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Question New Router


I am considering upgrading my existing Linksys (wireless router wrt54g) router with a newer AC 1900 model. I have narrowed the choice down to two options. The Netgear Nighthawk (R7000) or the Linksys EA6900. I would be very interested in any/all comments pro or con on either model. The other option would not to upgrade and keep my existing equipment. Any information will be a great help as I get closer to a final decision.

The last question is naming the network (SSID) if I upgrade the router. Currently my SSID is Home. If I was to keep the EXACT SSID for the new AC router. Would this allow all my current devices that connect to Home . To connect to the new router without any change or need to reconfigure 7-8 deceives (tablets, phones, tvs etc)? This would be ideal and save a huge amount of work. But I wanted to confirm before moving forward.

Thanks for your comments.
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I think you are making the right decision the router you presently have wasn't bad for its time and is still decent but it really is time to get a new router. I believe I have that same model or maybe the one made after that so I know it is old. Presently I have an Actiontec router supplied by Verizon it isn't too great either. So I have been following the threads here and think I will go with a router that JerseyMatt has talked about it is the Linksys E3000 and I see it is better rated on

JerseyMatt has talked about DD-WRT software that you can install on your router and make your router safer. I don't understand all of the details myself but know he also says that WPA-2 encryption is better than WEP. As for the SSID it doesn't really matter what you call your router in the long run it is the encryption that really matters. JerseyMatt and others know this better and can explain it better than I can. I know some of the more very basic things but need to learn more.
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I haven't played much with the 802.11ac routers yet. I have only installed one AC router (it was a EA6900, and it wasn't in my house) but that was before there was a working version of DD-WRT for them. As far as I know, there is now a 'stable' version but there are still bugs popping up now and then. It's not something I would trust on a customer's install yet with any AC router.

I only sell and install Linksys gear unless the customer requests otherwise, mainly because of my good personal experience with them. However from a bit of research it appears that with stock firmware the R7000 is better.. The specs are similar to the EA6900, so whether or not one outperforms the other with DD-WRT once it becomes stable remains to be seen..
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Thanks for the replies thus far.. As to using Linksys products that's been my feeling from the beginning. I have always though they were the best for Wifi routers and similar equipment. What got me looking at the R7000 was the very good review from CNet and the many positive comments from people who purchased on Amazon or similar. The same didn't seem true for the EA6900 where I was reading numerous complaints about that model, overheating, firmware etc. Because of that (and only that reason) got me thinking about another router such as the Netgear.

Although I would like to stay with Linksys it has me wondering if that was the best choice. I love my WRT54G but it's beginning to get dated which is what made me think about going AC. One additional question on the installs, have you had situations where you kept the SSID the same from old to new router? If this works I am considering going this route. That would prevent me from having to configure many devices to connect to a NEW network SSID.

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I also liked Linksys but I recently heard that Cisco sold them to Belkin. I'm not a fan of Belkin. Some of their routers were sold with remote administration enabled by default.
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To answer the SSID question...if you configure the new router with the same SSID, same encryption method, and same password, then your devices SHOULD just connect. That's what I did, and my devices were fine. In fact, I've got my old router at anther location, still configured as it was at my house. My phone will connect to the same SSID at either location.

WRT54G...GREAT box. I bought one in ~2005. I've used it at three different sites, and it's still going strong today. That sucker is a workhorse! I'd keep it on the shelf so you'll have a spare in case the new one dies.

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