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Video Card Help

I am about to install an RC flight simulator on my computer.
I was looking at the requirements for the video card and under devices all my computer tells me is that is has an Intel HD Graphics card.
The computer is an Inspiron 620 desktop with Windows 7, 4 GB of ram, 64 bit and an Intel Core i3-2120 @ 3.3 Ghz. I also have only a minimal PS rated at 300 watts I see.
I see that the minimum requirements for the software is a 3D accelerated video with 32 mb of dedicated video memory.
I have no idea if the Intel HD Graphics I have will get the job done.
Someone told me I would need a better video card and NVidia cards are good. I went to their site and found a listing of their cards and PS requirements and I see many that will run on my 300 watt PS. I could upgrade the PS if I had to I suppose.
But I am stills stumped as to which card to purchase as nothing on that site tells me if any of them are considered a 3D Accelerated card.
Many of the terms mean little to me needless to say.
Any help is appreciated.
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If all the sim requires is a 32MB video card, that's an ancient spec.. So the Intel integrated graphics with an i3 shouldn't have any issue with it. But if you still want to put in an upgrade card without changing the power supply, the Radeon HD6450 was an option available on the 620. Newegg has it for $34 after a rebate.

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Any video card you will find will be a "3D Accelerator" card. That statement was made way back in the day and these days it is a standard. Your Intel HD video is a graphics chip integrated inside your CPU. It can use as much of your ram as your system will allow. It will by far power through that RC Sim. Unless you plan on playing much much more modern video games, I wouldn't worry with finding a new video card.

Even if you got a new video card, your processor would hold back most of the better video cards out. If you were ever going to get into newer games, you would be better off buying a new PC.
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If you go to the Dell Support website you should be able to type in your service code (hopefully you didn't remove the sticker from your PC) and it will give you the specs for your computer. It sounds like a fairly new computer so I think it will be able to handle the game.

If you're thinking of getting a 3rd party video card just double-check your PSU can handle the extra power drain. Pre-built PCs usually have just enough power to run what came with it, leaving little room for upgrades.

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