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We bought a Hewlett Packard scanner last year, installed all of the software it came with on our computer, and noticed it changed the icons for all image files. The program that did this was Adobe Photo Deluxe Business Edition. The need for a new computer has arisin recently, so we purchased a great new Dell computer (all scanner software uninstalled from the old one), and installed the scanner's main driver/software only. I did NOT install the Photo Deluxe in order to prevent a problem from occuring with the new computer-the problem with the old computer is image ALL types of image files are no longer recognized as files that have compatible software on the system. After looking through several Windows 95 books we have, using help, I figured out how to associate a file type with a given application. There is no icon available for .bmp files like there should be (when the computer was new out of the box 4 years ago). There is an absence of .bmp from the recognized file types as well, therefore by double-clicking a .bmp file, Paint, quick view, Lview pro, Imaging, Explorer, etc. will not automatically be started.
I would like to save all files we have (word processing documents, pictures, email, bookmarks/favorites, and related things to Zip disk(s), and reinstall Windows95 from scratch to make the computer like it was when it came out of the box 4 years ago, unfortunatly my father is not to the point of agreeing with that idea yet. I figure I might as well ask a knowledgeable outside source which has many people to add their own 2-cents worth to give me advice.

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To change the file associations. For each file that you want to change...

Find a file type that your want to change.. put the mouse over the file , while holding down the shift key click the right mouse button, select OPEN WITH, choose OTHER PROGRAMS, now you will have to find in your computer the exe that starts the program you want to use, check off the box that says ALWAYS OPEN WITH THIS PROGRAM, it may not exactly worded that way but I think you will reconize it, and then click ok, Every time you open that file type in the future it will open the selected application. You will have to do this for each file type you want to change.
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If you haven't had to redo your system in 4 years then you are doing good. However like the old saying goes if it ain't broke don't fix it. It would depend on the nature of your problems rather to not the total system redo is the best choice. Remember when you format the drive it is a total wipe, nothing and I mean nothing is left on the drive. So consideration of unreplaceable data files must be considered and back up. If is always a good idea to backup preciosu files as hard drive failures do happen, and system problems can develop, and you don't always get a lot of warning. Your files should have an extension on the end of them , if a bmp does not have a .bmp as an extension it will not have a icon association. There is a way to change the icon , but I will have to check on it and get back to you , just indicate if that info is still needed after reading the rest of the info I left.

I have heard of people conplaning about the windows 95 system with certain applications. You could try to install 95 again over top of the existing 95 system and sometimes that works, however occassionly things do get worse when attempting that which if that happens a total format and redo will be the only option. If you have ever considered an windows 98 or me (assuming your computer meets min requirements) upgrade that would be another option.

Perhaps the bmp is just not being saved properly and that is why the extension is not on the file, make sure it is saved as an bmp file.

Look at how serious the problems are and if only minor problems can we correct them before making acommitment to redo the system.

Formatting and re-install does however solve most problems, I redo mine 3 or 4 times a year, but my computers are always on and used a lot.
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Arrow new decisions

Thank you for the fast responce!
We have decided to start the computer over agian from scratch, we have a zip drive to save files to that will be needed again.
I am now interested in knowing the overall proceedure for wiping the computer clean after I remove all files needed later that are currently on the hard disk. We do have the original Windows 95/Plus CD that came with the Micron. What did you mean by installing Win95 over the existing? That makes a little bit of sence, but is not logical to me.

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Re: new decisions

I only reason I mentioned installing over the existing system is an attempt to do it without erasing the whole drive, I always prefer a total redo and recommend it as you end up with a new system without any traces or problems from the old.

I would like to know your cpu and hard drive size and if are using only using 1 hard drive, the speed of your cd rom.

Now the early release of windows 95 did not have fat 32 capabilities , although I beleive there was an update for the early release that updated it. So we won't fdisk or change the partitions , just do an unconditional format.

First thing to do is to transfer anything that you want to save to your zip drive. You can't transfer software, you need the actual install file, as transferring just the software folder will not install it back to the system as when software installs it changes settings in the registry and put some files in the windows and windows/system directly, so you need the install cd or install file to reinstall software. Now sometimes when you buy a computer it comes with some pre-installed software , you may or may not have the install cd/floppy.

Now winodws 95 boot start up cd if I remember right does not have cd rom support built in. So you happen to know anyone that is using windows 98 or me , have them create a boot startup floppy for you. To make a start up floppy you go to START/SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL/
click on STARTUP DISK tab, put a floppy in the drive and then click CREATE DISK. (anything that was on the floppy before will be wiped).

This startup disk (98 or me) will bring up most cd roms, I know it won't bring up the 4x (quad) speed cd roms , I am not sure if there is any others. Make sure that the start up boot floppy does indeed enable your cd rom BEFORE formatting the drive.

Now before you start this proceedure , check what device drivers you have on cd or floppy. I assume you still have the drivers for your zip drive on floppy or cd .

click on SYSTEM
click on DEVICE MANAGER tab
now I want you to write down the name of the following devices...
Sound card
Video Card
CD rom

If the selection is not expanded , click on the + beside the name to expand it, the details of the device should be listed , write it down !

I would recommend that you go to the internet in the event that you don't already have the drivers, and get them, put them on floppy, you will not be able to use your zip drive until you install its drivers. If they are too large for a floppy then put them on zip, it just means that the zip drive may have to be installed before installing other drivers.

If you have another computer then it may not be as critical as you can go get the drivers later if need be as long as you have the names of the devices.

Now windows 98 or me start of disks, will name teh cd rom on a 1 hard drive system, as E drive, it will get renamed later as the D drive. Make sure that the boot startup disk does indeed bring the cd rom up.

Now once you boot up on the that floppy , verify that cd rom support is there, type

this is the dos command for an unconditional format
it will ask to confirm, type Y
your hard will now be formatted.
When it asks for a volume label you may type something if you like, I usually just press enter.

now if you type DIR C:
it should show the directory of C drive, there will be no files of course , you just wiped it.

Now type E: (press enter)
type SETUP (press enter)
the windows install CD must be in the CD rom of course
Now windows install will take over and follow the prompts.

Let me knwo how things go and any further information that you require before or after you do this proceedure.

Good Luck
Don Kerr

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Just another note , you could still get after you install Adobe Photo software, that it will changed certain assoc., but you should be easy to change those assoc. to your prefered application. 4 years has been a good track record, if you have as that much luck this time it will be great, but as computers go, in 4 years , windows 95 will be found mostly in the museum.

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