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I have had several cheap HPs for 50$. I hate them and the cartridges are about 30. They hardly last at all.
I have seen some reviews on lasers that are under 110$. Like the Brother. The standard toner is about 40$. BUt it says it will do 1200 pages which means it will do 650.
But that is pretty good. I barely got 250 out of the HP cart and they dry out bad when not in use.
Overall it seems it is better to just go Laser and toner.I really dont care about quality color. I use a printer for text mostly and BW is just fine.
Does the toner go bad if it sits for a few months. ??? What do you think??? I dont want another HP that is mediocre and is a disapointment. Is a Laser the better way and do you have a favorite around 100$??
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Many laser toners are dry, not liquid as in the HP. You'd just have to look at the specs on each printer to determine if that is the case.
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I've had a Brother (not sure of model) for about 3 yrs. Right in the price range you mention, maybe a bit less on sale. Never go back to ink jet, cheaper to just take something to be printed if color is required.

Toner doesn't go bad like ink.

Toner online is way cheaper than what you'll see in the stores. I think I've bought 2 in the time I've had the printer.
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I had a Samsung mon printer the included starter cartridge lasted almost 3 years. It cost me $7 to refill it. That one lasted me till about 4 months ago when it started acting up. I have another one to pull a board out of just haven't bothered.

I have a B410d OKI now that got very good reviews. Sucker looks like an office printer but cost only $49.99 including shipping and unlike the Samsung that was refurbished this was brand new. Hoping for even better service with it.

Of course if you need color it isn't going to be that cheap and the one I bought was last years model on close out.
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I gave up on color and now run my print functions through my cannon digital copier. There are times when I miss color, but the ink was outrageous, besides the copier is much faster. And having a copier around is very handy.

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If you need color but rarely just copy to a thumb drive and take it to Kinkos or Office Depot. Not sure what they charge but I doubt it is much. (Or give to a friend who has a color printer at their work.) And don't drugstores do photos from a thumb drive.

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I used to have an ink jet printer and couldn't keep ink in it [would dry up in 3-4 months, sometimes less] I replaced it with a Cannon laser printer [$125] about 2 yrs ago. The original toner cartridge is still going strong.
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i am going laser .....................................................r
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i am going laser .....................................................rah, rah, rah
Good move. I can vouch for the inexpensive Brother models too. I've had my fill of HP inkjet printers..... never again !!

Those measly things they pass off as long life cartridges are ridiculous.... and the price.
If I had to change one more mythically damaged print head.....

..... sorry.
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Thumbs up Laser is definately the way to go...funny more ppl don't buy into this idea.

If you are having problems with low yield with printers you are likely basing this on the included toner or cartridges that come with the printer.
People repeatedly get sucked into the "ink is cheaper than the printer" trap!!!
They seem to think they have a bargain when they walk away from a box store with a $40.00 printer.

I recently purchased a Brother HL-2270dw that has WI-Fi, does automatic two sided printing and came with a 700 page intro toner cartridge for $60.00 on sale.
I purchased at the same time a 12,000 page toner for about $70.00.
So for around $130.00 and taxes I can print 12,700 pages.

I bought the printer last April and just replaced the 700 page cartridge........I should now be good for a couple of years.
And these printers do last a long time.
I have an HP 1000 laser with a near full toner that has to be over 10 years old that won't easily run on anything newer than XP and has no bells and whistles.
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No... I'm talking about standard refill cartridges and the so called XL refill cartridges. This is strictly inkjet..... not toner. I've been thru 3-4 of the HP officemates. Not a cheap unit.

I had the same HP 1000. Now there was a real performer. HP couldn't keep it in the line.... it didn't use toner fast enough.
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Keep in mind that some of the 'cheaper' printer lines will not update drivers as often as the bigger names and this can occasionally lead to issues printing from new applications.

I would look for PCL5/6 and, even better if you can find it, Postscript.

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