Surge Protector - how much is enough


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First off, and please don't roll your eyes, isn't a surge protector needed even if your computer is turned off when the electricity comes back on or surges for some other reason? (And then there's always lightning.)

Next question, how much protection is enough protection? My boss had a home computer on one of those skinny strip protectors you get in drugstores, and his computer was fried. I've got a heavy metal rectangular protector with four lines and the box said it's good for 1250 joules. I've done a little comparing and the # of joules sounds higher than average, but if you can't afford to buy a new computer if the one you have fries, is 1250 enough? And are there other considerations besides the joules?

I live in California so this question has become more important these last few months!
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These are a bunch of sires that has info on surge protection as well as ups. The first link is to a thread on DIY that had a good discussion on UPS backup power supply and it with surge protection provides better protection for the computer.

Hope that you find something usefull here.

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