Merge PDF files together as one


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Merge PDF files together as one

This morning I had the need to merge many PDF files together.
My boss doesn't provide any of these, we only have acrobat reader here.
After some Googling I found Online PDF converter | Online PDF but uploading takes quite a while.

The really stupid advice from my co-worker: print all and then scan as PDF

Maybe specialized software would be good?
Any advice about software that allows merging of PDF files (with page selection)?

Many thank in advance
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You can probably use the full version of Adobe Acrobat X1 but it's not free. Only the Reader is free. I hope that your boss is willing to pay, for the software. There are some "free" online merge services. However, I don't think that they are versatile enough, for your needs.
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You can try some of these but as Pulpo said they may not fit your needs.

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While I don't see anything about merging documents I use Foxit Reader and just recently learned that I could "print" to Foxit Reader rather than actually print a receipt which I have never seen available with Adobe Reader. Like with Adobe they too have their free reader and other things you need to pay for. So kind of off topic some I admit but I thought this would help you if you want to investigate Foxit Reader click on this link Foxit Software: PDF Converter,PDF Creator,PDF Reader & Editor
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Foxit reader is very good. A bit cryptic but good.
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I do a fair amount of electronic filing court documents as .pdf files.
I have started using a free program called PDF Binder to compile multiple .pdfs into one large file.
Works well.

If you have to create a .pdf document, a program called pdf995 (suggested by our local court) works fairly well. Creates a virtual pdf printer for windows systems. Free with a nag-screen, cost to registration isn't much.

As a tangent, when scanning hard documents to .pdf, I have found that scanning the documents to .tiff or .mdi files first works best, because Microsoft Document Imaging allows you to re-order pages and insert pages, which is extremely helpful for times when you scan 100 pages and you need to insert a missing page in the middle of the document.

I will also suggest the online compression site
Compress PDF – Reduce your PDF Online for Free
to reduce the size of .PDF files.

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PDF Creator will do what you want.

Free (open source) software, download from pdfforge | PDF Creator - The FREE PDF Converter Tool, ease to use pdf printer, pdf writer, pdf download

Once installs, it functions like a printer. Anything you can print, you can turn into a PDF.

For what you are wanting to do, you will open a PDF and print it to "PDF Creator". A dialog box will pop up asking you to name the file, but it will have the option "Wait, Collect". You will select that option. Now, go print the next PDF, and so on till you've done all of them. Go back to PDF Creator, and there's an option to combine all of the print jobs, then to release them to be printed to a new PDF, which will be all of the prior ones combined.

You can even combine PDF's, word documents, spreadsheets, emails, etc...anything you can print, you can turn into part of a PDF.
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