Passport Drive and Virus

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Passport Drive and Virus

I had a bad virus. Something was using 100% of CPU most of the time.
Decided to reformat hard drive. All is well, and running better than before.

Prior to reformat though, I routinely backed up files to USB Passport (automatically). Not entire hard drive, just some files I wanted to keep backed up.

I'm afraid to even connect USB drive now. Would simply connecting the drive allow virus to infect computer again, if it's on that drive?

Or could I connect it and view files and restore some of the files?
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If, when you cloned the computer, you had the virus on the computer, then yes, it will transfer back. It may pay to take the Passport to a computer shop and have them scan it with their computers. Usually they are protected better than we are. Richard will be along shortly, so hang in there.
It just reminded me to re-clone mine. Done.
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Richard will be along shortly, so hang in there.
Thank you for the compliment Larry I am not a computer technician though so I do advise you to ask advice of one if you run into problems. I have though worked on those stubborn machines for a long time so I will give you the best advice I know to give.

I personally think it would be safe to connect the external hard drive to the computer but don't use any of the files or programs on the drive until it is scanned. The advice I am about to give you may seem excessive but I personally think will protect your computer. First install on your computer without the external drive installed the following anti-virus and no other anti-virus/malware scanners.

Microsoft Security Essentials Download Microsoft Security Essentials from Official Microsoft Download Center , SuperAntispyware the free edition SUPERAntiSpyware | Remove Malware | Remove Spyware - AntiMalware, AntiSpyware, AntiAdware! , Malwarebytes the free edition Malwarebytes | Free Anti-Malware & Internet Security Software .

Now connect the external drive and let it set up the drive as an external drive on the computer only after all of the programs have been set up. Make sure they have done any first time scans that the programs tell you to do on your computers hard drive not the external hard drive.

Next restart the computer after the external hard drives drivers are installed and press F8 before Windows starts. At the list look for Safe Mode Without Networking and select that. When Windows starts scan first with Microsoft Security Essentials all drives and then all other programs I asked you to download scan all drives.

Just be sure to use one program at a time it will take a great deal of time and you will not be able to go on the internet while doing this but it is important you don't as some malware calls home. This is basically what a computer shop would do and is about the best way of doing things.

One of the other reasons for turning networking off too is to keep other devices that may be on from getting infected. I suggest though if you do decide on a shop to not take it to a big box electronics place as they just have young kids there who are not as knowledgeable as more experienced technicians.
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Some versions of Firefox were using 100% CPU time. It wasn't a virus at all. What type of files are on the external drive?

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