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I first noticed for months when typing a reply at DIY that when I would hit the backspace key it would 4 out of 5 times take me back to the previous page. This has never been this way and only occured at DIY. I thought it was a DIY site thing but now it is happening at other places as well. I did some research on the backspace key and it seems that it is a hot key shortcut to the previous page. To show what a pain this is I would have backspaced the space in the word(s) hotkey above but know if I touch my backspace I will be back at the previous page. What is up with this? I have Win98se, IE 5.01 and am on a fresh format- install and all is PERFECT except this very annoying problem. Someone tell me I am overlooking the very obvious....Mike
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You redone the system, is it was a software problem it should have corrected it. You could be having a keyboard problem, if you got another keyboard or can borrow one, try it. Formatting and reinstalling the system does indeed solve most problems, except hardware. Try another keyboard, as if are able to try to borrow one from a friend so that we can confirm this one way or another before comitting to buying a new one.

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Mike, quick test: post a reply (input box). Ensure the mouse pointer is within the text area. Try the backspace key. If backspace works open IE5 Help, search for "mouse", select "Using the mouse on the new desktop". The mouse may be set for single click mode (pointing alone changes the focus). Thus Backspace changes to previous page.

(MS is reponding to "consumer demand"...another layer of complexity for a simple task). (In the old days of UNIX and DOS things were much know, that scary black screen and blinking cursor where User Input made things happen).

BTW, there are about 50 keyboard shortcut keys or key combinations for IE5. Backspace and ALT left arrow are the same. To the best of my knowledge Backspace has always been a hotkey for the previous page.

More thoughts: Swap mice or clean/pull cable & reinsert. Swap keyboards/pull cable & reinsert (as dkerr suggests).
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