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My computer sometimes will sound funny, the radio stations i recieve will sound like the record's skipping, the mouse will become hard to move and slow.

I have a CTX 36Xmax, on a DSL

any suggestions appreciated!

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Wirenuts, I generally start by knowing what has progressed between the time it last worked perfectly and the time the problem first started. Hardware installed or removed, software installed or removed. cpu & memory ?
Hard drive size and free space left on the C drive ?

Is DSL a new install , or have used it before with no problems ?

Do you have any telephone extension cords between the DSL modem and wall jack, or are only using the telephone cord supplied when you received the DSL modem.

When you a multimedia item rather it is a real video item or a mpeg, and then play it from the complete file on the computer does it play ok, and the problem is only there when taking in a live downstream feed from the internet ?

How about other non internet applications, work perfectly, including any sounds associated with them ?

What is in the start up menu that automaticaly starts with windows.

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new video card installed- SIS 6326 true color graphics

3G hard drive free space on C ; 1.14 GB

64 ram

using only cord supplied w/modem

celeron processor

non-internet stuff working fine

other internet items ok, problem seems only to be with live downstream feeds.

don't know how to see start up stuff??

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This has the latest update for the driver of the SIS 6326
card. It also has a update for 6326 VGA BIOS , read all readme files before considering the bios update, but ok to update the driver.

The card driver , there is a release that supports direct x 8 , compatable with windows 98 or me (I assume you have one of these) - file name 326w9x.exe , driver released 2001/3/21

you are ok with 1.14 geg free space, I try to never let the hard drive dip bellow 300 megs free, and I prefer keeping it at or above th e500meg free point, I notice that windows perforamce starts getting sluggish at that point.

To find out startup programs START/PROGRAMS/STARTUP/
see what is listed.

Did you have DSL prior to installing this video card, and if so, did you experience this problem before the new card installed ?

Not all radio/tv get good conenctions , even when using high speed internet providers. Try several different radio/tv sources , this is a good source for radio tv live feeds but there are other of course. Try to make sure you have the latest drivers for the card as mentioned above, and see what happens. Repost your findings.

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Oh one more thing I forgot to ask, do you experience this with both real audio/video as well as media player ?
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thanks for the links,
i'm listening to planet rock right now, the problem is not appearing.


Iomega Icons
Iomega QuickSync
Iomega Startup Options
Album Fast Start
Scanner Detector

the video card crapped out some time after we got the DSL, and we had a local computer guy i know install a new one.

I'm not sure of the dif bettween audio/video & mediaplayer.

this is good for me, to be on the other side of the fence with absolutley no clue

this seems to also be a problem that occurs when it feels like doing so, it does not bother me a great deal, just has me worried that bigger concerns may be hidden.

i will use the link provided, and report

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Real audio/video or mediaplayer is the 2 main formats that live video or audio feeds come in.

Real audio/video is at with the latest free version 8 at

Mediaplayer is microsofts version. Depending the live feed it will either use a real audio/video player or mediaplayer.

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Cool Delay

Nothing more complicated than delay, buffering, network congestion... Go to and download his little program to check your download feeds etc. I have a cable modem and still experiance that same problem. Nothing you can do about it. It has to do with how many people are logged into the site etc. Think about it, you are not having problems with anything else... Just the network stream... DO NOT download one of those programs saying it will speed up your download times/stream etc! They DO NOT WORK and can cause you severe problems in the registry.
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thanks guys,
i was just curious, in fact, i probably don't have any problem at all, as this only happens certain times of day when the net is zooming.....i imagine that two fingered illiterates like myself generate many such Q's in your forum.

thanks again

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