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Can anyone tell me their opinion on wireless telephone phone jacks. These are the devices that allow you to convert your electrical outlet into a telephone jack. Someone I work with said they purchased a RCA walljack on Ebay for only $10 and uses it for her computer modem and it works great. They retail for over $70.

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First of all, I will mention that I have never used wireless telephone jacks so I don't have personal experience with them.

They use the electrical wires to carry a radio signal, basicly a transmit and reveive unit at different locations. I would be interested what the results would be if a test was conducted on the same line with a computer modem to see what the login speed was achieved by direct connect to the phone and then via the wireless jack, and compare the speeds achieved, if anyone has that data it would be an interesting comparison. I am not sure wireless jacks would work with DSL.

The way I look at it running a telephone wire and adding a jack will likely be far cheaper than such an arrangement. Although $ 10 for a wall jack is cheap, but you need 2, and the unit that connects the telephone to the wireless system can you get the same deal ?

The only thing I feel you are gaining is that you saving yourself having to figure out how to route the wire to the jack, rather or not you would be losing internet speed or realiability I'm not sure not we know you will not be gaining realibility or speed by such an arrangement.


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