Charter Xfinity modem login?


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Charter Xfinity modem login?

Anybody know the default logon for a Cisco/Charter DPC3216 modem/voice combo? I've tried all the usual suspects, like Admin/password, admin/password, password/password, admin/admin, admin/<null>, <null>/password, and got nowhere.

And before you go there, I already called Charter support. Twice. They were too dense to understand what I was looking for when I asked what IP address the modem's web interface was on. It's a lead pipe cinch I'll do nothing but burn up another week's worth of cell phone minutes listening to silence on the other end of the line if I call back and ask for the logon credentials for a web interface of whose existence they were blissfully ignorant.

Turns out the web interface is on Which I find bizarre, considering the modem's internal IP address is an A-class.

I also found one reference (that I couldn't confirm) that Charter won't give out the logon credentials because a configuration setting in the modem itself controls the level of throughput the user receives.
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Not to say they will work for you, but on Cisco business products the default unames are cisco or cusadmin and the password is either admin, password, or cisco. Sometimes caps, sometimes LC.

Netgear puts the default password is on stickers on the bottom of their devices. Maybe check inside the battery door for the default?
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Thank you, Rick. There's no hints on the bottom but I'll try your logon hints when I've got a chance to work out (and test) all the permutations. I've found info elsewhere stating that there's nothing configurable in the web interface, even if I could get logged in, but I'm just the kind of moron who only will accept the smell of burning flesh as proof that the stove's burner is in fact hot.
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I see two others that may work

usr: cusadmin
password: password
usr: username
password: admin

Other cisco possibilities:

Router Username and Password for Cisco Routers

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