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I am wanting to upgrade my hard drive from a 2gb to a 30 gb.I am wanting to do this my self.Is this task very hard to do,and will I have to reload Windows 98 on the new hard drive? Thanks For Your Time
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not that hard of a task, first you need to verify that your bios for your MB will support large drives. 98 should be fine, I think it was 95 first release that had the issue with lard drives. if you wish to replace then yes you will need to reload win98 and all your programs. Or better yet, just move the jumper on the new drive to slave and connect it to the other connector on the ribbon cable running from the MB to the other HD. Easiest would be to add the second HD, and slave it off the first. all you will need to do is format it, and possible partition it if you felt the need.

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2 geg is small as a C drive, and would recommend using the larger drive for the C.

There is sometimes a utility floppy disk that comes with the new hard drive that will allow you to copy the old rive onto the new drive. My preference is always is clean install. To do a clean install...

First is to boot up on the current system, goto START/SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL/
click on SYSTEM
click on + beside CD ROM, DISPLAY ADAPTER, MONITOR, SOUND, MODEM, OR ANY NETWORK CARD to expand the selection then write down everything word for word of everything listed under these headings. It will make life easilier later in the event that the windows 98 install doesn't find a perticular driver by itself.


put a blank floppy in the drive and then click CREATE DISK.

Now put that floppy in the drive and reboot, say YES to enable Cd rom support, then verify that the CD ROM did come up. Now the startup disk will create a temporary Ram drive, so is you have a 1 hard drive, 1 CD rom system then the cd rom will become the E drive, put a cd in the drive and type DIR E: press enter, if you see the cd rom come to life and the directory displaced then we are in business, shut down the computer. Make sure that your new drive has its jumper set to MASTER, disconenct your old and leave disconneted.
connect you new drive to the same cables that your old drive was connected to. Now put the windows 98 startup floppy in the floppy drive and boot the computer, say YES to enable CD rom support.

Now type FDISK press enter
Say Yes to enable Large disk support (FAT 32)
you will be asked if you want to use the max space /size available , confirm YES. (if you want to use the whole drive as a C drive).

exit FDISK.

reboot the computer.
again enable CD ROM SUPPORT

type FORMAT C:/U
a warning message may appear, confirm Y
it will format the new drive , this may take a few minutes, go get your lunch you have time.

at the end it will ask for a volume label, you can type something in there or just press enter as I usually do.

Now type DIR C:
the directory of C drive will now be displayed, it may say file not found, nothing is on the C drive yet, but the bytes free should be displayed , and should be close to the size of your drive.

Now put your windows 98 install CD in the CD drive
type E: press enter
type SETUP press enter
follow the windows 98 prompts teh rest of the way, have your CD KEY/SERIAL number ready the program will ask for it.

Also do you have a full version of windows or an upgrade version, an upgrade may not let you do a clean install and will ask you for verification of a previous qualifying program/system to install. Check first.

It may be wise to have the modem drivers on floppy before starting so at least you can get on the internet if windows doesn't find it.

You will need to create a dial up connection for your provider, which is easy to do.

Any questions, ask before you start. Test to make sure that the windows 98 startup floppy does enable the cd rom, if it doesn't please repost and give me the speed of your cd rom.

If you wish to use any utility that came with the drive to copy the drive over than you will have to temporary your new drive as a second drive, partition it,format it, run the utility than install the new hard drive as a C drive.

Your computer should have 2 IDE conenctors/controllers on the motherboard, a primary and a secondary controller, each one can handle a master and a slave, this is set on a jumper that is on the cd rom or hard drive. The C drive must be the master on the primary IDE controller. you cannot have 2 masters or 2 slaves on the same controller.
If you try to use the utility that may have come with the drive you must hook the new drive to an available spot on the primary or secondary controller, remember only 1 master and 1 slave on each controller allowed, and C must be master on primary.

Any questions ask first.

The new drive could be hooked as a second hard drive with the existing drive left as C, it would still have to be partitioned and formated, but I do feel 2 geg is on the low side for a C drive and having a larger C drive I feel would be better and would recommend that route but it is your choice.


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hard drives

Thanks for the help,I will give this a try.
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