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The printer can reach the internet but the communication between your network & google's servers is either blocked, changed or lost somewhere along the line.

I still think that trying it from another network would be a good test as well is restarting all the devices.
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I think one of the things you could also do, would be to actually setup the Firewall in your router to disallow ANY internet access from your printer - just on a temporary basis. That’s covered in Section 6 of your router manual. You specify which (or all) internet protocols are blocked from a network object. The network object setup is defined in Advanced Settings and you just use your printer IP address and an optional name to define it as a network object and then you use that network object in the Firewall setup menus (Section 6) I mentioned above.

Then you can try the printer registration again but this time the router log should show something was blocked coming from your printer towards the internet. You could get fancy and via the Firewall menus allow one internet protocol at a time through to the printer, thus isolating the printer-google-server problem to possibly a single step. Then you can contact google with the information and give them a good bad mouthing, or if you don’t see anything blocked in your router then you would know the printer isn’t even trying to connect to the google registration server so now you can contact Canon instead and give them a good bad-mouthing, lol.
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I read through the manuals... It seems it should work and I am not smart enough in the IT area to assist in what was already tried..

What I see on the cloud is two options Cloud ready and classic printers. Yours is cloud ready. But the cloud site just takes you to the cannon site..

Cloud Ready Printers connect directly to the internet and can register themselves with Google Cloud Print without a laptop or PC.

Classic Printers connect to a laptop or PC, and register with Google Cloud Print using a feature of Google Chrome

I did find this from cannon.. Dont know if it will help..

Canon | PIXMA Cloud Link

Let us know....

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