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Hi folks: (Smokey is that you from Automotive?)

Have windows 98 on a 32 meg Gateway purchased in Aug '98. Would like to modify to run cable vs. phone line modem. I spoke with a friend who said he used it, just added sound card and paid $40/month. He said it ran much faster than a phone line modem.

Any advice?

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First it is not a sound card (although certainly nice to listen to stuff) that you need to add to run internet on cable, it is a network card that you need and a cable modem, you can either get a network card yourself or sometimes that cable internet providers provide them. I use cable internet at home also. If it not hard to set up. When you prescribe to the cable internet, your cable provider may run a dedicated cable to your computer, it is inportant that you do not run any splitters/cable amplifiers on that one cable line to your computer you can do that to the cables going to the tv's but not to the computer cable modem. I would recommend a least a pentium 166 for cable internet for ultimum efficiency, but I have heard of people using on less, anything is faster than dial-up.

Your provider will give all the info to set it up but if you do need some additional info just ask.

You should be ok with 32 meg, although these days , 64 megs would be more recommended, and regardless of the cable internet , I think you will benifit from having at least 64 megs of memory.

There is no comparison between a high speed connection and dialup. Once you try you will hate the thought of going back to dialup.

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I use a DSL connection and find it to be very fast compared to dialup. As for memory; I went from 32 Meg. to 160 Meg., and could not believe the difference. The cost was only a few dollars more than going to 64 Meg. I never looked back.

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Cable modems attach by way of a NIC or USB. I had to do my own hardware and software install and configuration. The guy from [email protected] did not know what to do when we got an IRQ error.

I chose to go with the NIC instead of USB. Don't have cable anymore but still have the same NIC.

Cable was a scream!!!!! The last song I downloaded took 10 seconds. Previous best was 40 seconds. Normal was about 2 to 3 minutes.

Dial-up takes anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes.

Also had 160 MB RAM. It took only 1 to 2 minutes to log into Napster with over 2,000 songs with cable and 160 MB RAM

Before that..... dial-up and 64 MB RAM took nearly 25 minutes.
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