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I was about to burn a cd and the cd.r drive went dead,the icon has disapeared and the cd is stuck inside...plz help
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On your desktop , open MY COMPUTER, is the cdr drive listed in here ? Is this your only cd drive or do you also have a reader ? Check START/SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL/
click on SYSTEM
click on + beside CD rom to expand the selection
Is there any ? or ! beside anything listed ?
Hight each drive listed , choose properties, under general tab, it should indicate THIS DEVICE IS WORKING PROPERLY.

Also shut down teh computer and actually shut down the computer that is turn off the power not just reboot. Now turn the power back on and reboot, is the cd still stuck in the drive ?

There should also be on most drives a small pinhole about the size of a paperclip, somewhere just bellow the cd tray, and can be used to eject or release the tray, by using a opened paperclip push in it.

Most of the time I have seen these hang up in such a matter I find shutting down and actually turning off the power will reset the functions on the cd rom. I have a printer that gets hung up ocassionally that I actually have to unplug to reset not just turn off.

Let us know what happens.

I also assume that this is not a new cdr install and has worked before.
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Angry cd:r

yes i have burned cds before.
my machine came with two drives,a reader and a recorder
namely cd:e and cd:f.
since this thing happened,when i open MY COMPUTER the
cd:f icon is no longer there.
I used my recovery cd to restore the factory settings and
still the cd:f icon isn't there.I've also powered down and
same result.
when i go into the system and expand on +cd rom, the drive there is the cd:e and it is working properly.
there is a pinhole to open the reader,but none for the recorder.
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Take the cover off to the computer and check the seating of the IDE ribbon cable and the power cable. Your computer is not seeing the drive. Make sure the ribbon cable is firming seated on the cdr connector, take it off and then back on, the same with the power cord. Make sure the ribbon cable is also seated firmly seated on the motherboard. If the power cord is connected into another power cord connector then check it also. Another thing is to make sure that the jumper on the cdr that designates master/slave is firmlt on.

How is your configuration with the cd roms being E & F, then do you have 2 hard drives as C and D ?, or 1 hard drive partitioned as 2.

C of course has to be the master of the primary IDE controller, but how about the other devices/drive which is on the primary slave and which is secondary master and secondary slave. If 1 hard drive partitioned as 2 , and perhaps one cd as a primary slave and the cdr on the secondary then another thing to check is the bios/cmos settings have the secondory controller enabled.

I assume there is no problems with the computer keeping the correct time after the computer has been power off and back on.

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Angry cd:r

i did take the cover off,all the cables are in place
caught hell to put it back together.
yes i do have 2 hard drives c and d
and the computer kept the time even when i stripped it down
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Re: cd:r

One last question does any light come on the front of the cdr when you shut down and reboot, even very briefly ?

If you have 3 out of the 4 IDE drives working then we know that both the primary and secondary controllers are enabled in the bios.

Windows with the plug and play bios should pick up on it when you boot up, the system is not seeing the drive, and no indication anywhere that it even exists. Go to START/SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL/
click ADD NEW HARDWARE, see if it finds the missing CDR.

How old is the unit and is it still under warranty ?

My experience is when a device is not seen or reconized and I have done/checked everything I have already mentioned then the fault usually lies with the cd rom itself. Even when I formatted and redid the system, they don't come back. It is possible that the cd disk itself loaded in off center and jammed and the cd intialization can't complete at bootup and thereby won't show up. Even if windows doesn't locate a proper driver, windows should locate the existence of the device.

but it would appear that if the power and IDE is firmly connected and everything else was checked as stated , you have a fault at the cdr itself.

Give me the make and model of the cdr and I find out what info I can get on it, see if I can find any info on releasing a possible jammed cd disk on this model.

If it is under warranty have it checked out.

I welcome any other thoughts on this from my fellow DIY'ers.

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Windoze is known for removing drives on it's own. You may have deleted a program etc but I would reinstall the drivers and go from there.
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Thumbs up cd:r

well i contacted compaq customer support and they advised me on several things to do.what the problem was all the time was getting the disc out of the drive.I pressed f8 and eject at the same time while booting up and out it flew.
the driver database was restored and the icon returned.
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Re: cd:r

That is good news. It was an initialization problem, just need to get the stuck cd out, I try that F8 and eject out on mine to see if that combo is universal or compaq specific.

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