Lost data recovery program?


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Lost data recovery program?

lost some data on Excel spread sheet.....prob entered and not saved, but it is gone now for sure Any ideas on good but easy to use program that would be able to recover the data? Using Excel 2007

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The computer does not actually save work in progress unless the program specifically is set to do that. Not sure if excel 2007 is setup that way. If you never did a "save" of your updates then you may be out of luck. You can try an "undelete" type program against the directory where temporary files are stored (possibly C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\). You can also look in that directory to see if there are files from the time period when you were working.

Don't hold out much hope for you. Sorry.

- Peter
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I did find something from Microsoft that relates to Word and Excel only it is for the 2010 version so maybe this recovery process was not incorporated into Office 2007. All I can say is try this and see if it works. I have never used Excel but I did use an earlier version of a data program in Microsoft Works so I am afraid I can't help you much further. I did see programs to help find corrupted data from Excel doing a Bing search but that is not much help since the data is not corrupted and instead not saved. Surprised to see no auto save in Excel since I know Word auto saves a file really disappointing.
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Apparently, there is an auto save if it were set before you started.
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Using Google Sheets will prevent this in the future. All changes are saved immediately.
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Do a search for *.xls That's star dot xls (no spaces)
If you had shutdown the machine with the unsaved data, in the program, you should see a second .xls file with the same name with a ~ in it.
That file should have the missing data.

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Well I’ll be … I have Excel 2007 which I don’t use much. I never looked at the AutoSave which Pulpo pointed to, let alone set it (my bad).

But I just checked now and mine is set to autosave every 10 minutes. I guess that’s the default. It also shows the default autosave directory as:


So maybe you stuff is actually being saved. Check out your settings.

Whoops – I just checked the above folder and there is only an xlb file in it, and that is associated with toolbar stuff.

I just found this which unfortunately may explain the Excel 2007 Autosave (or autorecover) option and why the folder I referenced is empty.

Unfortunately, Excel XP does not have the old Autosave, but rather Autorecover. It saves to temporary files in a path you can find in Tools, Options, save tab.

Once Excel is closed however, these temporary files are deleted. You could try using undelete software to get them back.

p.s. I checked the Excel Options->Save menu again and it does call the option and file location
"AutoRecover" even though it's under Save. I guess that makes sense.

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