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email question received as follows...

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hi don, been kind of hard getting back on the net as of late. me trying to fix other puters and mine crashing every four or five minutes. can any of you guys help me find a remedy for this problem w/o doing a complete format? i
really don't want to do that, for i have so much important stuff and programs on my puter. i do have a recently purchased iomega 250 zip drive, but i'm still not exactly how to use it although i do know how to follow directions.
what if i zip it all up then can't unzip after the format, or worse still, what if i zip up the culprit that's giving me all the pain, and unzip it right back onto the newly formated drive? i do the msconfig and do selective start-up, and it seems as if i have not so many problems, but i can't figure out which one is causing the damage. i also
now have 191 mgs of memory, but a couple of the illegal operations tells me, especially dial-up, that it is trying to access memory which isn't there. is there any help for this from some of you gurus???? help would be much
appreciated, and my grandson is throughly enjoying the puter i passed on to him. thanks for taking up time with me. Bonnie Sprinkle [swamprose)

Short of redoing the system which I feel may be the best solution, but does anyone have any ideas short of that because she seems to have a lot of reservations on that option.
Bonnie do you have the install cd's for all software that you have to save. There is no point in backing up software unless it is the actual install files. What you back up is install files and personal data files. You can reinstall the software (provided for have or can obtain the install cd) after the drive is formated and system installed and stable.

Another reference she made awhile back was an illegal operation in Wcs2000. This is I assume to be Compuserve 2000
Bonnie is this the same error as you are referring to now ?
And does it only occur when using compuserve ?

Bonnie , one way to add assurance to your backup material, is to copy to 2 zip disks and try copying what you just back up on 1 zip disk back to the computer that should indicate that you have a good copy on zip disk.

Regardless of the solutions you should back up personal files because system crashes and hard drive failures do happen.
I been confused in some ways in the past with this poster as there where different questions about different computers and was at times unclear which computer was being refered to with which problem..

This problem appears to be with 1 computer.

I think some of the problems are associated with the compuserve software and it interaction with the system or conflicts with the rest the system.

I will send an email to her to keep checking this post for solutions to this...

I open this up for discussion...

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Since I have not done a complete back up since dos 5.0 (umm...1991?) was released and was on all floppies, what a joy that was, 37 disks, hehe. anyhow, if you do a back up and reformat teh disk then load windows 95 or 98 and try to restore the programs will they work? If my mind is right I think not, if the disks were not availible to reload the software then you would have to run the program, and write down each file it said it was missing, search the backup catalog and move the file to the excact location of the newly reloaded os. this is a big pain, I know that wsword and office have a lot of files that they load to the system folder and other areas of the os. ( had to do this when I added a HD and didn't have readable disks for my apps) I thnk I did loose a few programs, but not many.

If you do a backup, format and restore you may still have the same errors, could be sector errors, or program errors, duplicate dlls, or no longer needed files taking up space and gumming up the works.

If at all possible I would follwo Dkerrs suggestion, do a complete backup, then format, reload, and then load and test one program/driver/device at a time (run program, dial up to isp, surf, test printer, shutdown/restart, etc..) when you find the program causing the problems delete it and forget about it, if you need it get a new copy and do a new install of it.

Or decide which programs you can do with out, and just load what you have.


p.s. get updated drivers and possibly bios.
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It would extremely difficult to backup and find every single file associated with a piece of software , exact registry settings/entries that are in the registry, windows, windows/system directory. You reallly would need specialized programs to do such a task or much better the orginal install files/cd.

What I was saying is to back up actual software install files downloaded that installs the program, and personal pictures, files , documents.

Bonnie take an inventory of what install cd's you have and what software that is on your computer that you simply cannot obtain an install cd for. If it only happens with compuserve , I would try to uninstall their software , reboot the computer , run with the rest the software if no problems, then reinstall the compuserve software , reboot, then try it . You could also try calling compuserve technical support , it may be an issue that they are familier with with that version of compuserve software.
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