Can ping server but can't find it

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Can ping server but can't find it

I have a windows 2008 server and a set of computers that are running mostly Win10. We had a blackout for about 10 minutes. Since the black out several of the computers no longer list the server in the network list.

Yes I did several reboots of everything and they did not change anything. I did an ipconfig and found the server address and pinged it on the computers that don't have it listed. It pinged fine.

Some of the computers do list the server and access it fine. Everything else on the network runs normal just some computers do not list the server in their list.

Any help on fixing this problem is greatly appreciated. Please not I am not an IT person but can get my way around. If you send me fairly straight forward directions on what to do I can do it.

I greatly appreciate your help in this matter.
Thank you
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Can you navigate to the server via UNC path or IP address in Windows Explorer?
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To explain a bit more what Stickshift said, try accessing it via Windows Explorer by entering:
\\ (replace the IP address with the server IP address)

I would also try rebooting your router and switches (if you have any). It shouldn't be an issue since you can obviously contact it, but some cable modem/routers tend to not like power losses.
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Re-map the drive(s). computer, tools, map network drive.
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We didn't get some critical network infrastructure details, so I've assumed you have a non-Active Directory domain.

A Windows PC joined to a domain caches successful domain logins locally. To keep all workstations from being useless in the event of server or network problems, they will continue to accept those same credentials if no login server is available, but only for a local login. In which case it still can use the network's hardware but not its services. Which means you still can ping a server from that PC but not access it. Which could happen if you had a power outage and the eager beavers at the PCs tried to log back in before any login server was available.

To find out whether the problem PCs are logged on to the domain, from one of the particular workstations, enter into a command line window:


If it responds with the hostname of the local PC, there's your problemo. It needs rejoining to the domain.

If that's not it, we could use more complete details about the network's infrastructure. Otherwise, we're playing pin the tail on the horsefly.

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