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Any idea why I can't register at a web site? I'm using windows 7 64bit.
I tried explorer and chrome, neither work.

I fill out the form which is boring, it's a financial site.
Everything is normal, including going to other sections, until I need to click on submit. The submit button looks like it should be highlighted more, or a little darker, and doesn't respond.

I gave up starting over.
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Have you tried Firefox? When those 2 don't respond to something, usually FF does. Some sites are optimized for one browser over others.
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Usually if it's a JavaScript problem the website will inform you that it is required if it doesn't see it running in your browser.

I don't allow Java to run unless I tell it too.
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If you try Firefox, be sure get the add-on called Fire IE.
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Usually if it's a JavaScript problem.........
I don't allow Java to run unless I tell it too.
Java & Javascript are two different things from 2 different companies.

I fill out the form which is boring,
Handyone, I know that it's boring but are you sure that you are completing all the required fields? Required fields sometimes have red astericks next to them. I have a feeling that's why the submit button is not responding.
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Firefox and Java Script don't play nicely with each other. I use Network Solutions for my websites and make updates and changes occasionally. I have the same problem with Firefox in that the "publish" button is grayed out. I have to switch to Chrome to get it published. Last time, I didn't want to switch browsers and do it all over again, so I called NS and they published it for me and supposedly installed something on their site that allowed me to publish. We'll find out next time.

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