4K monitor ?


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4K monitor ?

is it worth the money to buy a 4K monitor right now? My daughter and I play a bit of video game on my LED monitor..... she plays FIFA 16 and the players look a bit tiny on my 22" monitor..... I'm thinking of buying a 24" 4K monitor. I have a pretty good video card. it's EVGA GTX 960. is it the good time to buy a 4K monitor right now? Or maybe wait until the technology fully developed.....
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With a 4K monitor your display resolution would be increased to 3840x2160. I was trying to find the specs on your EVGA card but didn't locate them.

I would buy now. I see very little 4K content and no real big push in the technology at the TV end. I see 5K monitors in the field now. Using a 4K monitor for TV requires content/programming.... your computer can make immediate use of the increased resolution now.

One important thing you'll need to address is refresh rate. A 30hz rate is useless for gaming. The picture will be jittery looking. You'd want at least 60hz with 120hz being ideal.

I don't imagine all games will look perfect on a 4K monitor either.
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Ok thanks for your feedback. I read PC gamers magazine and what you said that games are not ready for 4K is true. Maybe I should wait until games are designed for 4K resolution?
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I was in the market for a 4K monitor as well.

If you do go for a 4K monitor, then the video card also must be upgraded (HDMI 2.0) to handle the full benefit of the resolution.

HDMI 2.0: What you need to know - CNET

I believe your video card (EVGA GTX 960) is equipped because I was in the process of buying the same video card. I decided to hold off until the end of the year when the price of both will continue to drop even more.

Currently, the porn industry probably has the strongest support for 4K technology. Ironically, it is the industry that seems to dictate the direction of the video technology. For example: Bluray vs HD DVD a few years ago and VHS vs Betamax decades ago.


Of course, this is not the reason why I was going to buy a 4K monitor. I was looking into it for the real estate space of the resolution since I do multiple things on my computers at once.

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