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Hi, recently I noticed my web cam is not functioning anymore. The web cam is relatively new, and was working prior to attempting to install a USB modem. Now I know this USB modem was faulty, because there were absolutely no lights coming on the thing at all, so I promptly returned it back to the manufactur. Could it be that this faulty modem destroyed my web cam?, or could it be something else?, I wish I knew. Well anyway any help concerning this matter would be greatly aprreciated. Thank you.

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Chris I didn't edit your message just click on the wrong button....

I would suspect that there was a conflict or the modem and/or its software messed up your webcam drivers.

click on ADD/REMOVE programs, and uninstall the webcam software.

now reboot the computer, now reinstall your webcam software and drivers, reboot and hopefully the webcam will come back to life.

Did the webcam also have a usb interface.
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Unhappy WebCam Problems

Hi dkerr,

Well I tried doing what you said, but still I'm getting the same error message "Digital Video PC Camera is not connected to this computer". I checked and double checked all the connections to the computer and still don't know what to do about this problem.
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Does the webcam connect into USB ? - confirm ?

Check your cmos/bios to make sure that the USB port is not disabled.

Is there any other USB devices used on your computer and if so are they working ?

If the webcam is usb then check...

click on SYSTEM
click on DEVICE MANAGER tab

Is there a listing that says "Univeral Serial Bus Controllers" click the + beside that name to expand the listing.

On everything under it highlight one at a time and check the general tab, does it say "this device is working properly"
, also check to see that where is says "exists in all hardware profiles" is checked. Make also sure the "disable in this hardware profile" is NOT checked.

post your findings...

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Hello again, well I tried everything you said to do, but still no go. What I also did was I went to the IBM tech support site, and emailed them with my problem. See the real problem I believe is not with the computer or my USB settings at all!. Instead I believe it lies with the camera itself. I believe that this camera was somehow fried, because I smelled it out of curiousity, and it had a burnt smell to it. Something got fried in there, and I hope IBM will make good on this, because it is a relatively new camera, and I know there's nothing wrong with the USB or drivers or windows would have detected it in the device manager with a yellow !. So that is how I feel about the webcam. It wasn't a really expensive one so no great loss. Um one thing though, am I correct in my assumption that windows would have recognized a problem, had it have been with the drivers or the USB configuration itself on the motherboard? Thanks again for all the help.

Sorry chris I on a roll here , message NOT edited just clicked the worng button.

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If you checked what I said before , then your usb is likely ok. I wasn't aware that the webcam had a burnt smell to it. One thing you could do is try it out on another computer, if it doesn't work there then we know where the problem lies. Let us know what advice the IBM tech gives.

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