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Hi, I ave a Microsoft natural Pro keyboard only a few months old but lately the keys will "stick" sometimes. By that I mean that when I press a key, the letter doesn't always appear which is quite aggrivating. What should I do? Is this a malfunction that should be covered by the warranty. I tried the Microsoft web site bu they have so many damn password thresholds to go thru before I can even ask a qustion that I gave up there. Any clues woud be great! This wasn't the cheapest keyboard.
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Try taking it back to whoever you bought it from.

Also if the keys are sticky because something was spilled on it wash it under water and let it dry completley. Make sure you disconnect it from the compter first. (of course)

Good luck

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I haven't tried washing a keyboard under water , my first insticts is not to put anything elctronic in running water, I would be more tempted to take it apart and clean the contacts which I feel is a safer method but would void the warranty, and it could be a tedious job that requires a bit of patience. I would be afraid that water may cause more problems than it solves and may make it worst , not better.

What is your definition of sticky , do you mean it works sometimes and sometimes not, or certain keys never work.

Do you have children ? I got children and I've seen when no-one admits to spilling anything into the keyboard, the drink just must have done it all by itself.

I never buy expensive keyboards myself , you can get cheap keyboards for $ 20 or less.

If this is not due to something being spilled in it and it has not been misused that would void the warrenty then I usually recommend taking advantage of the warranty coverage.

Make certain the connector is firmly plugged into the computer.
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I have tried washing them with water and it works great. ( I do unplug them first) With that said I would only use this if something like pop or another sugar drink is spilled on the keyboard. In a case like this there is little to lose and I have had to do this twice and it worked fine each time. I would not use this to clean keyboards of regular dust. I would also stress to let it dry.

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Personaly I would only use water in a controled manner (Q-tips). Normaly I would use Isoprophyil, Q-tips and cotton cloth, but I am beginnning to think differ on this technique. Back in my wordprossesor repair days we always got keyboards that were missing a stroke, or adding a few each time you hit the key. You can get a can of spray contact cleaner from your local radioshack or electronics/electrical supply store, this stuff is great, its non-film forming and evaporates in a matter of minutes. Take the keyboard apart (remove the back) was the rubber contact mat in soapy water, and rinse in clean water, then spray the circuit film( or what ever its called) down with the contact cleaner, let the excess drip off and dry, put back to gether and should be good asnew.

p.s. make sure the cleaner you get is safe for plastics, or you can use 409 and a rag and wipe the plastic circuit thingy clean.( I know there is a proper name for it, but cant think of it)

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