Yahoo Threat! What to do?


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Yahoo Threat! What to do?

So I am hearing about this threat on the radio, got an email yesterday that I thought was spam. I guess we change passwords and Security Setting! Run an antivirus on the comp. I Don't do much banking or other secure things with email, Its usually just a message from your bank without a lot of secure account numbers, letting you know you can view your bill. so what can be the real threat?
Any other suggestions who else is affected by this?

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It was called a "threat" because it might be a threat to a deal with Verizon. The only thing that you can do is clear your PC of malware & change your passwords.
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Actually it was called a "threat" because someone broke in Yahoo!'s e-mail service although I don't like the fact that Verizon bought Yahoo!. I certainly would keep up with scans on your computer and try to do more intensive scans at least once a month if possible. Also don't click on any e-mail links supposedly from your bank they could contain viruses. Instead if you do anything online with your bank go directly to the website and then check the banks website directly for any deals they might have.
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It is advised to change the pins and passwords regularly at least once every 6 months. Make sure your antivirus is updated and scan the computer at least once every 3 days. These are secuirty measures we never take.
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Late to this thread, but amending what Hedgeclippers said, don't follow any links in any email, bank or otherwise, unless you requested it (like a link to reset your password). Phishing (fraudulent) emails are becoming too good anymore for most people to tell if they are real or not. Your personal information is at more places than just your bank. Did you use the same secret question answer to recover your password at other sites? Did you really just use your real date of birth in an online forum?

Want the content the link was referring to? Go to your bookmark, or search for the domain / item in a search engine.

To add to what Jenson88 said, also use at least somewhat strong passwords and definitely not the same one on every site. Too much work? Well, remember just one really strong password to get into your Lastpass, 1password, or many other password keepers that will auto generate strong passwords for you. Then just copy and paste from theme to the site you need the password for.

On virus scanning....yeah, sure, especially if you open a lot of attachments or go to shady parts of the internet (which can be as innocuous as a free clip art site to send a birthday card to your niece).

What is even more important than antivirus though is antimalware. Malware is more problematic these days, with the best being free, MBAM. Malwarebytes has been the goto for a lot of people for a long time. It is free for keeping on your computer and scanning. They do have a fee if you want active scanning, but you can just right click and scan anything you download for free. And of course every now and then kick off a manual scan of your PC.

All of that is in general. Specifically to yahoo, if you are contacted that your email was stolen they should offer you a year or more of a credit watching organization. Change all your passwords...everywhere.

If they don't contact you, employ safe practices and move along.
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It is important to keep in mind that the actual theft from Yahoo occurred in 2014 but only just now was made public. While the stolen info is likely still around, I am taking the position that they have had plenty of time to exploit me so I am not rushing into anything.

- Peter

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